How To Make Toys For Kids With Raw Materials in Daily Life

by:NUTAKE     2020-05-29
In addition to buy toys for kids directly from the toy shopping center, some young parents also want to make toys with their children together, however, they don't know how to do and where to find the raw materials of kids toys. In fact, it is too simple, and the raw materials are also easy to get. Are you interested in this topic? Please read the article below. Firstly, get the raw material from the daily life. Wastes such as old clothes, plastic bottles, egg shells, paper box and others all can be used as the raw materials. For example, you can firstly wash and disinfect nylon socks and then fitted with cotton and other stuffing, finally use string to form the head shape of doll, along with the fastener eyes and drawing nose, mouth and ears. One cute and lovely cloth doll is finished by your hands. If you want to make it more delicate, you can make one hat for it and dress it up with colorful skirt and other. All in all, you can make it with your own imagination. Once you kids like the cloth doll made for them, they would be more proud because it is distinctive. Secondly, fully make use of the semi-finished products. If you are really lack of the practice of making toys by yourself only, you can buy some semi-finished products such as the wooden animal shape assembling model, paper three-dimensional painting, plastic assembly plane or ship and so on. Then you should follow the steps on the instruction book to finish the work with kids together. During the playing process, you would find that maybe your kids have the stronger operating ability than you. The feeling of pride would become the common spiritual wealth for both parents and children. Thirdly, get the raw materials according to local conditions and it is better to use the local resources. As for the children live in the village, it is also not difficult to find the raw materials of kids toys. For example, you can choose the nature materials such as corncob, stem of sorghum, wheat-straw, sweet potato, radish, all kinds of beans, pebbles, leaves and so on. Corncob and stem of sorghum can be used to form all kinds of car toys, lanterns and small size figures. Wheat-straw can be weaved into some animals shape such as little dog, lamb and grasshopper. Leaves can be used to make all kinds of beautiful paste paintings.
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