How to Download Music From Soundcloud

by:NUTAKE     2020-08-17
Music is playing as an indispensable role in human life. Only listen to the radio can not meet the demands of people. Recently people download music and save them on the phone, mp3, mp4 and other music players so that listening music anywhere can be realized. SoundDownloader is a free downloader which helps you to download music from soundcloud, even the music is only allowed to listen. It's very popular for soundcloud listeners. Soundcloud had the intention of allowing musicians to share recordings with each other, but later transformed into a full publishing tool which also allowed musicians to distribute their music tracks. For this reason, soundcloud fans are increasing gradually. And to save an interesting music into your phone and turn it to your telephone ring is not hard, imaging how much fun it will bring. How to download music with SoundDownloader? The use method is very easy learn, you can find the whole procedures as follows, Step1, Go to the website of this software, download it, and complete the installation process following the prompts step by step. After installation, launch this software. Step2, Launch the browser, and enter into the soundcloud. Type the name of singer or song you would like to download, press the Enter button of keyboard. Then find the music you prefer, put the cursor on the music link, right-click the link, select the 'Copy Shortcut' (IE Browser) menu, 'Copy Link Location' (FireFox Browser) or 'copy link address' (Google Chrome), paste the demo link in the text box. Click the Download button of software. This download manager will automatically search and get the related URL, and download the music. If you want to stop downloading, just click the stop button. The download progress will be show at the bottom of the software interface. For a few seconds, program will be finished. The files will be saved in the folder of computer disk. With this software, the music can be downloaded through the most uncomplicated way. PS, First, If you can not found the files, click the Setting button and check mark that Open automatically the folder when downloads finished or find the storage path from the 'Save media files to the folder'. Second, SoundDownloader is only designed for soundcloud website, if you want to download more interesting and latest music or audio files from other websites, you can try Hidownload. This software also is excellent software have the function to download not only music, but streaming videos. More information in
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