How to Choose Toys For Baby Room Decoration

by:NUTAKE     2020-06-14
Only by becoming the master of his own nursery, can the baby learn to 'care', 'independent', and 'create'. He will gradually learn to take responsibility and make his little world more beautiful. Good toy decoration is indispensible to a baby room. Appropriate decoration and safe toys can develop the baby's potential and intelligence. Therefore, it is important for parents to choose appropriate toy decorations. According to baby's physical and mental characteristics, the following principles are recommended for choosing toys. 2 months old baby can stare at bright colors and sound objects. Toys hang on the wall in all directions or on the shelf of bed, better to be movable. 4 months old baby can change lying position and turn body, has the ability to identify things around. This stage can choose colorful balloons. 6 months old baby should match up his muscle movement characteristics, appropriate choice such as tangible tumbler, plastic animals, or puppets. Choosing peculiar shapes of active toys for 8 months old baby like changeable novel jigsaw puzzles. Select large size colorful balloons for 10 month olds in order to consolidate the baby's crawling training. For 11 - 12 month olds, lively vivid character picture album or animal figure or vehicles. As for the decoration of the wall, environmentally friendly fabrics wall paper is recommended, not only environmental protection, but also easy to clean. Besides, the textile products such as the curtains, new clothes, fabric furnishings, cloth dolls etc, need to select carefully and try to choose those environmental protection materials. Another thing parents should pay attention to is the hanging toy decoration in the baby room. Post some colorful pictures on the walls around the room, especially some lovely children pictures or small animals, can bring baby a good visual stimulation. Above the bed of the newborn, about 15 -20 cm in height, hang some colorful and sound toys, in order to train his vision and hearing, has a positive effect on the development of brain potential. Finally, pediatric experts remind that people's general conversation in room is probably 40 db to 60 db, and volume level of some musical toys beyond this range will do harm to baby's hearing and make them feel irritable. Battery in musical toys is also a danger to baby. In addition, some stuffed plush toys have dust mites pollution, wooden toys with paint lead pollution and plastic toys with volatile material, therefore, it is very important for parents to choose appropriate and safe toys for baby room decoration.
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