How to Choose Toys According to Different Functions

by:NUTAKE     2020-06-15
Toy is an aid in children games. In the past 20 years, many developed countries in the world study and popularize game theory, and continue to create toys of different functions, including education, psychology, sociology factors, and can promote children's physical and mental development. This article will provide you with a few tips of choosing toys according to function. In fact, intellectual development has different meaning in young children at different growth stages, and requires different functions of toys to help their growth and development. This by no means could be replaced simply only to pay for higher technology, more expensive toys. For example, visual training of baby has many ways, expensive rotating music box, or a dollar two balloons. Hanging in the room a few colorful balloons plays the same role in baby vision training. For another example, let children preschool play beads toys, is a small hand muscle group exercise, and can also help baby identify the color, numeracy, sorting and classification. A set of toy beads at different stages have different functions, as long as parents give patient direction, it will play magic effect on baby. For young children of weak hands-on ability, playing inserted plot toys is a good method, you can direct children to plug according to diagram, and then let the skilled children play with a few of inserted plot toys, so does the building blocks toy. To four-year-old child, you can buy him a wooden assembly toys, teaching him to see the assembly process diagram, and then let him learn to assemble the scattered parts of animals, houses, cars. The market's handcrafts, stickers and other paper toys are also very useful for promoting young children's hands-on ability. Parents buying these toys do not forget to provide your baby with a pair round head of child-specific scissors, preventing children from accidents in the process of using scissors. For some older young children with stronger hands-on ability, playing kinds of metal parts, with a screwdriver, screws, cap screws, assembly toys, might be more challenging. There is also a circuit plug toys, through the series, parallel lines collection to control the traffic lights change and gear drive, practical, and not only novel stimulus, but also learn knowledge in the play. Such toys need parents to explain, and play under direction, in order to promote both the hands-on ability and intelligence development. There are numerous toys for training brain and inspire intelligence in the market. Such as six-square building blocks, children need to turn a few pieces of six square building blocks to find out the marked images. Seven-piece puzzle, backgammon, intellectual puzzles, children books, electronic game consoles, all can be used to train brain. Parents should answer questions of baby patiently in the process of playing and ask him a few why, let him play while using brain. For example, the puzzle spell out a variety of patterns, training imagination; intellectual puzzles to exercise powers of observation; see books and repeat the story to improve language skills and memory; playing video games to develop integrated thinking skills. Only by choosing toys according to the characteristics and weaknesses exist in their growth and development, can the toys contribute to health physical and mental development of children.
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