How to Choose The Right Wooden Jewelry Box For

by:NUTAKE     2020-08-18
Good jewelry boxes are works of art. Wooden jewelry boxes are available in various finishes and textures. The choices range from warm mahogany wood, white ash, cherry, maple, koa, walnut, birch, burl and other varieties found in America. Several special boxes are created with wood sourced from other countries. Examples of such wood varieties are rosewood, ebony, blodwood, bocote, jatoba, kingwood, lacewood, olivewood, padauk and many more. The type of wood used and the quality of craftsmanship determines the price of the jewelry box. The most common type of jewelry box is one with a wooden flip top lid. In many of these, once the box is opened, a musical tune plays lightly in the background. With time there have been several changes introduced in the designs and styles of jewelry boxes. The musical jewelry boxes made of wood have their own special kind of charm. With exteriors made of good quality wood and the interiors lined with soft satins and velvets, wooden jewelry boxes make perfect nesting places for your jewelry. The soft lining ensures that the delicate pieces of jewelry kept inside are not damaged in any manner. Some exquisitely made wooden jewelry boxes are antique pieces which have been crafted by master craftsmen and are collector's items. There are several established firms who specialize in making wooden jewelry boxes. For those who want inexpensive wooden jewelry boxes, several can be found at local stores. These pieces are made by bulk manufacturers. Some innovative designs seen in wooden jewelry boxes are those with divided compartments and lift out trays or with frame and panel lids as well as raised 'pillow-style' lids. Wooden jewelry armoires are tall units, with stacked drawers and often with hooks to hang longer items such as necklaces. Jewelry boxes are available in various price ranges to suit different needs. There are those that are commonly available in stores and exquisite and unique pieces which can be bought only in renowned auction houses. A well made jewelry box is a beautiful object to possess and to give as a gift. Why Wood Jewelry Boxes Are Ideal Choices If you are an avid jewelry collector, wood jewelry boxes will definitely protect and store your precious items from wear and tear. You can also use these boxes to store your jewelry when you are traveling from one place to another. Most of these boxes have an interior lining of satin, suede, or velvet, so you know you are giving your treasured baubles the best protection. Many of these boxes are available in a host of designs, and are also sold in a variety of types. You can always find music jewelry boxes made of wood for instance. Furthermore, if you have a large collection, you can always opt for the bigger jewelry chests. Many types of wood are being used to make beautiful jewelry boxes. Often, wood types with excellent finishes are used since they are bound to result in excellent finished products. Some popular wood types include mahogany, maple, cherry, walnut, and birch wood. Oftentimes, the type of wood used and the design adopted for the wood jewelry boxes determine the price for the end product. If you want a wooden box with first-rate quality, you need to be prepared to pay for more. However, you also need to check on whether the jewelry box suits your collection, especially if you plan on expanding the number of items in the future. Since these wooden boxes are sold in a variety of styles, you need to make a review on the selections first before actually purchasing anything. There are antique wooden boxes for those who want a more vintage style. For the contemporary jewelry collector, jewelry boxes in modern designs are available as well. Whether you are buying for yourself or purchasing a jewelry box for a loved one, make sure the purchase is worth your expense. Wood jewelry boxes can last for a long time, as long as you maintain the proper care. Jewelry has long been one of the most sought after luxuries of our time. The brilliance and decadence a natural stone presents reveals the natural beauty found in the world. Since the beginning of our fascination with jewelry, we have also desired a place to keep our gems and jewels. One of the most popular of these places is the jewelry box. Simple in design, yet complete with its own luxurious attraction as well. Wooden jewelry boxes have become the most popular of these boxes due to a few reasons, which you will find below. Mind you, this particular style has stood the test of time and become popular over many years. Natural Beauty The first reason wood is preferred over other material is due to the natural beauty we find in the various types of woods. Like the jewelry itself, the wood provides a unique beauty only found in nature. While enhanced with stain and varnish in most cases, a wooden jewelry box shares the same type of natural beauty that we find with gems and stones. Because the finest of boxes are handmade, the carpenter can control how dark or light he or she would like the box to have by selecting the appropriate stain and varnish. Handmade The next point many consider one of the best parts of a wooden jewelry boxes is that they are usually handmade, which provides a chance to own something unique and one of a kind. Many carpenters will produce a variety of the same box, including different woods and stains, so be sure to browse the entire selection before settling on one. If you were interested in commissioning a jewelry box, some providers will offer that service as well. However, this service is likely to cost more than the average purchase due to the time and labor it takes to meet your specializations. Affordable Unlike the contents which it's crafted for, the wooden jewelry box requires materials much less rare than gems and fine stones, thereby making the material much more affordable. Pricing will range depending on what type of wood you select. Just like anything, a scale of quality and beauty determines the cost of the wood. Some of the finest materials include mahogany, teak wood, and maple. You will find a variety of finishes with each of these materials as well, including those that reveal the grain of the wood more than others do. Custom Stain and Finish One benefit wood provides is the ability to stain the wood the same stain you used for the rest of your home. Though most are not interested in matching the box to the rest of their home, it is definitely a possibility. Simply purchase or make a jewelry box with a natural, unfinished wood and use the same stain and varnish you used in your home. This will create a sense of place and reduce the risk of clashing with the rest of your home. Overall, it is the quality, tradition, and affordability wooden jewelry boxes provide that make it one of the most popular choices for those interested in a place to keep their jewelry. Handmade wood jewelry boxes can be used by either a man or woman, and can be configured for needs now and in the future. Each box is not only functional, but a treasured work of art. Many people assume that jewelry boxes are only for women. Wood jewelry boxes certainly are unique gifts for women, but they can also be a unique unusual gift for men. Women have always loved to store everything from their costume jewelry to their heirloom treasures in beautiful boxes. However, the man in your life can also use a men's jewelry box to store his things as well. A jewellery box helps organize the contents, so that each piece can be easily reached. Most handmade wood jewelry boxes have dividers in them, and many times those dividers can be changed to personalize your box even more. Dividers really help small earring posts from getting lost. These small sections also work wonderfully for men's tie tacks, cuff links, money clips, and more. The dividers can also be totally removed so that you can lay your collections out, or keep them in the original box they came in. Pearls and beaded jewelry are more easily broken, so one or more drawers have longer slots to lay the more fragile pieces down in the box and keep them separated. Some jewelry storage boxes are made with hanging necklace holders. They protect the jewelry from getting tangled, and keep each necklace visible and ready to grab. Most have trays at the bottom to catch any pendants that are especially long. Men are starting to wear necklaces more than ever before, so necklace holders work for them also. However, many styles of wooden boxes are built so all of your jewelry lays flat. Boxes can come with different levels within one box, or with numerous drawers to organize your jewelry or keepsakes. Watches have become one of the hottest jewelry statements for both men and women. Many wood jewelry boxes are being made now for strictly watches, complete with watch pillows. Of course, if you don't need an entire watch box just for watches, the drawers can be set up to be dedicated watch drawers within your box. Imagination and organization are your only limit, and your handcrafted wooden box can always be rearranged for future needs. Whether you are choosing wood jewelry boxes for a man or woman, you would like it to be of the highest quality and craftsmanship. A handmade jewelry box is not only functional, but a work of art that you use every day. Many times they are made out of exotic hardwoods, artistically mixed together with burls, to compliment and make each one even more beautiful. Burls are beautiful accent woods, known to most people as the 'warts' growing on the sides or in the root system of the tree. Many people think burls look like granite or stone the first time they see it; the natural swirls create beautiful patterns and no two pieces are ever alike. Another good way to tell if wood jewelry boxes are high quality is if they are lined with acid free suede, so that you have a tarnish free jewelry box (although with sterling silver, you still need to place the jewelry in the bags they came in, as air is the real culprit in tarnishing silver). This is important because wood jewelery boxes should not only serve to organize your things, but protect them as well; allowing you to enjoy your jewelry for years to come.
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