How Running Music Affects Performance

by:NUTAKE     2020-08-19
That music has a good influence on a person's mood is a common knowledge. This knowledge is supported by certain studies that deal with behaviour. Today, researchers have related music to running, mostly considering its effect on an athlete's running performance. In this article, the impact of listening to running music will be discussed briefly. Questions may arise as to the importance of listening to music while running. Does it really improve one's performance or does it act the other way around? The answer to this question really depends on the type of runner. Running music is advantageous or bored and leisure runners and disadvantageous for competitive ones. Leisure runners are those people who do running as a routine of fun and pleasure while aiming to lose some pounds and stay fit. Runners belonging to this category do not pay serious attention to winning races. They just want to run to relieve stress and clear and relax their minds, and listening to music can make their sessions more enjoyable. Of course boredom can surely be eliminated by music. Bored runners need some spark to make them lace up their shoes and keep on running and listening to music can do just that. Since music creates distraction from the discomforts of running, it makes the person push harder in his training, thus making him forget time and boredom, resulting in a better workout. Running music therefore increases the runner's motivation, making every running session pleasurable. When it comes to competitive running, music can be more of a hindrance for running faster. Listening to music while running can affect the number of steps that you take with every run. Running pace depends on the tempo of the music. But the bigger reason why listening to music is discouraged for competitive runners is because training for competitions requires you to be in an associative state. It is important that while still on training, you practice on paying more attention to the changes that happen to your body as you run and less attention on your other things, such as your favourite tunes. Paying close attention to your body makes you breathe efficiently, thus making you race more effectively. Important reminder though when putting on that MP3 player or iPod is to make sure that it is not so loud, to avoid the unpleasant result of becoming deaf. Paying more attention to surroundings is also important in order to avoid accidents. For more information about this article, please check out Basic Guide to Running, and Run to Finish.
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