How Music Channels Are Wooing Their Audience?

by:NUTAKE     2020-08-20
Bhajan, Bollywood numbers, Jazz, Pop, Rock or Regional, hundreds of forms of music are appreciated by millions of others. The demands for these forms of music are endless. Audience catering to the less popular forms of Music, mostly still go looking for it in the music stores whereas Bollywood numbers and popular English hits are still found online or on Television. But most channels understand the pattern of the unmet demands of these music lovers who seek for good music. That is why today we find a clutter of channels catering to music only to fulfill these demands. But besides these, channels have realized that most of them play the same content which lets a viewer to switch channels and look for other choices at the same time. There are over 18 other channels that play similar content. So there is no point in offering the same substance to the audience. Also, these days the audience is so fragmented that channels have to clearly define what they stand for and whom they want to cater to. That is why there are dedicated channels for various genres in regional songs that provide folk content. This is also one of the reasons why channels like Channel V shifted their focus from a music to a youth. They now don't play music for long hours, instead they feature movies and broadcast youth centric shows and reality shows. And just like Channel V most of channels see a threat in repetitive content, which is why they have introduced various ways of promoting their shows, other than just songs. We now find Bollywood gossip, animated characters cracking hilarious PJs, celeb bytes, box office reports and more on these channels, especially during commercial breaks. Channels like Sony Mix has gone one step ahead by providing a platform to singers to give a live performance of 2 minutes followed by the story behind the song, narrated by the singers themselves. Similar is the case for digital platforms. Indian Television have gone online, since downloading songs and videos online has become a bigger game than television. Siting the importance of this platform, most channels have created an online portal wherein music lovers can watch videos, listen to music and download their favorite songs and albums. This not only gives an easy access to the music fanatics with Indian music online but also helps them feel guilt-free when they do not contribute to piracy. With constant innovations and new methods to retain their viewers' only time will say to what extent these channels will go to keep them entertained.
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