How I Get Traffic To My Music Sites

by:NUTAKE     2020-08-21
I have spent the last several months learning all I can about driving traffic to any site of my choice and I have learned quite a bit. In this blog, I want to give you a way to increase traffic to your,,,, and any other place you may have music for sale. After learning how the search engines work and then analyzing basic independent artist pages, I noticed something that was right there all the time but I kept overlooking it. But before I tell you what you need to do, I first must explain why and then it will all make sense. OK, you are an artist and you have a few songs you want to sell as downloads. You have a music page on as many free accounts as you can but it seems like nobody's buying. Let's face it, even if you are on iTunes, Amazon or Rhapsody, you still aren't getting the sales you thought you would get and here's why. Your page or information on any of the sites mentioned above is only one out of millions! So how can you make your page stand out? It's very difficult but not impossible! #1. You have great music, banging graphics, a well written bio and links to all of your other various sites. #2. You just aren't getting traffic. It takes traffic to get sales. If you had one million visitors to your page in a week, you are guaranteed to make a few thousand in sales but the traffic is not there. Reason: Nobody really knows who you are! Let alone that you have music for sale! Therefore it's safe to say that if they don't know who you are, then they are NOT SEARCHING for you! Right? Solutions: This is what I feel you should do because once I realized this concept and implemented it, my traffic and sales increased! Find five or more artist whom you sound familiar to and in your blogs on each of the sites you have, write about them, their latest release or how they may have been inspirational to your own sound. Now, I know you are asking your self why should you do that! The answer is simple ..... people are not searching for you because you are 'unknown' but they may be searching for established artist whom your sound is familiar to and that will drive them to your site! Once your site gets re-indexed by the search engine bots and their is new information in your blogs, the search engine will add your blog to the search results! WHALAH! So if I as an artist sound similar to Whitney Houston, when people are SEARCHING FOR HER, MY BLOG WILL SHOW UP IN THE RESULTS! Since people are naturally curious, they may click on the link to MY BLOG to see what's it all about! INSTANT TRAFFIC! How do I know this works? Because I did it to drive traffic to my site and it works like a charm! I have tracking codes on all of my sites to determine how and where traffic is coming from. Every since I used what I expressed above, I get daily traffic to my site all because they were searching for someone or something else that my site actually had info on. So get started today, write those blogs about established artist whom you sound similar to and in about 2 weeks your traffic will begin to increase. Hint: The more different artist you write about, the more cross-traffic you will get. -- You can actually make good income selling music online using the Online Marketing Tools Roderick shares with his blog members.
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