How animated and music in PowerPoint presentation

by:NUTAKE     2020-08-23
PowerPoint presentations are used in classrooms, business presentations, seminars, and in almost all-large business gatherings. Having plain PowerPoint presentation without any visual images can prove to be quite a bore and a drab to the audience. So PowerPoint presenters usually add animation and music to a presentation to make their PowerPoint presentation more attractive and interesting to the audience. Music as it is, is a relaxant for everyone. So why not add some background music to the PowerPoint presentation to make it livelier? Of course, it is of no use-adding disco or rock music to the presentation as it may only cause more stress and disturbance to the audience. Instead, adding some soothing music like the melodious tunes of classics relaxes the audience and also provides some entertainment to them. Animation can be added in the form of graphic designs or graphic animations. These are found aplenty on the Internet, with some of them also being available for free. All one has to do is to download these graphics, and then use them in the PowerPoint presentation. Animation in PowerPoint can be considered the special effects that are applied to the shapes on the slides with the intention of enhancing the visual appeal of the presentation, to emphasize the topic of the presentation. One thing to be kept in mind when using animations in the PowerPoint presentation is not to use too much of animation, as it will only distract the audience form the main theme of the presentation. Not only that, too big an animation will mean that it occupies more space in your PowerPoint presentation file, thus making it longer for the downloading of the file. Once the file takes too long to download, the audience may lose their patience in the middle of the PowerPoint presentation! With PowerPoint, presenters have access to rich animation features that if used intelligently, adds tremendous impact to even run-of-the-mill slides. Moreover, with the addition of motion paths, new trigger effects and the possibility of adding two animation behaviors to one object, PowerPoint now creates sophisticated animations that rival complex animation software. Using motion path animation, one can describe the movement of an object along a standard path when making a presentation. This makes the presentation much clearer, and also adds much meaning to the presentation. Not only that if motion-path animations are combined with other animation options like scaling or rotating, the results are both wonderful and useful. This type of presentation using motion-path animation is very useful in the presentations of driving classes, wherein the anticipated actions of two vehicles can be described for the learners to learn. One can also shrink and enlarge animations as required to project the movement of the vehicle as it moves nearer and farther away in the slide. Another form of animation that is very beneficial to PowerPoint is the use of trigger effects. This adds some impressive multimedia muscle wherein you can turn an object on a slide into an action button. As a button, what happens is that the object triggers an animation effect when clicked on. This effect is used when two objects are related in one way or the other. For example, if you want to show the effect of adding water to plants to help them grow, you could place images of a watering can and a flower on a slide. When the watering can is clicked on, the flower grows taller; thereby illustrating that watering the flower makes it grow! They are also best used for making quiz answers appear, where you display a question on a slide which when clicked on, the answer appears beside it on the slide. So whatever the intention is of adding animation and music to the presentation, be it to have a little pizzazz in the presentation or for some soothing background music, you will easily find that the addition of music and animation greatly enhances your PowerPoint presentation. Just be creative, and you are sure to stumble on new ideas and techniques to add to your portfolio! About Author: Thomson Chemmanoor is an powerpoint expert offering powerpoint templates at his website listing please visit to know every thing about PowerPoint presentations.
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