Handmade Toys Suitable For 0 to 3 Year Old Children

by:NUTAKE     2020-07-03
Many children don't know clear how to grasp the critical period of children intelligence development. Some parents even think it is good enough to let children eat well for their growth or parents do not wait to let the children to learn to read, write and counting numbers at a very young age. Play is the nature of the child. The right way raising children 0 to 3 years old is to let them learn in the game and communicate more and play games with the children. Building block is one of the most suitable toys for young children. A 9 months old baby can sit tight and turn around flexibly. Playing some simple blocks at this stage can not only train the baby's hand-eye coordination ability, but also exercise the finger fine motor skills of the child. For the larger children, plying complex blocks helps to exercise their finger coordination ability and imagination. Parents can produce their own some targeted simple toys to play together with children to promote their intelligence development. The first handmade toy is fishing, suitable for 1 year to 1 year and a half of children. The materials needed include a few pieces of cardboards (cutting into fish shapes), a number of paper clips ( used as fish hooks), thread, small wooden sticks ( used as fishing rod), magnet (stick together with the cardboard). This fishing game can train the child's comprehensive ability, especially the finger coordination ability and cognitive ability. The second toy is the handmade pictures, suitable for 1 year and a half to 2 years old children. Materials needed include papers and drawing pencil. Parents can make some targeted pictures. For example, draw a complete horse and a horse lack of one leg, put the two pictures in front of the child and let him point out the difference of these two horses. These strongly targeted pictures can train the child's observation, imbue him the concepts of categories and numbers, and good to the child enlightenment, The third handmade toy is the golf clubs, appropriate for children over 1 year and a half. Materials include a plastic bottle and a small ball. The mouth of the bottle can be stuffed with newspapers into the cylindrical volume, extending the whole length. This game can train the child's arm strength and hand-eye coordination. Game is neither simply playing with toys, nor the child's personal thing. Toy is a teaching tool and a real bridge for parents to communicate with children. In addition, singing children songs and playing games such as fan-fan stories are also good choice for parents to develop children intelligence.
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