Hand Made Toys For Your Parrot

by:NUTAKE     2020-06-22
A wild parrot has to hunt for his food out in the open. Your pet parrot is lovingly tended by you with food and shelter. He need not go out in search of food. Thus, with a lot of time to spare, he can benefit from some exercise and entertainment. Provide him with some safe toys to keep him away from his boredom. This not only stimulates him physically and mentally, but also serves as a way to keep his beak in a trim form. Parrot toys are easily available in your local pet store. In the beginning you can buy him a few PVC or wooden readymade toys. Slowly you can gather non toxic material and make some toys for him. This not only works cheap but you can be assured of their safety and non toxicity. Parrots need toys in accordance to their size. Bigger parrots can play with big toys and small parrots enjoy playing with small ones. Macaws and Cockatoos like to chew on big chewable toys. Smaller parrots keep themselves engaged in shredding empty corn husks. Making some toys for your parrots is an easy task and you will enjoy doing it. You will be intrigued seeing how engrossed your pet parrot will be with his toys. Similarly, he will get bored very soon playing with the same toy for a long spell of time. Give him different toys to play with, at different times. Eventually your parrot is bound to destroy each and every toy of his. You can make parrot toys from a variety of materials and some materials seem to be available around your house. Non toxic wood like Apple, Poplar, Elm and Pine can be used for toy making. Parrots even enjoy playing with wooden squares. Don't create toys from toxic and colored wood. Parrots will chew on the dyed wood and ingest its shreds. Don't hang the toy parts loosely in the parrot cage. You may place them in the cage or better still tie them to the cage. Leather is also a good parrot toy material option. Leather when braided into knots serves as a toy for your pet. Parrots like to chew on the soft texture of leather. Toys can also be made from natural fiber ropes. Cotton and jute ropes can be used. Never use nylon ropes to make toys. Parrots are sensible creatures. Always try to alternate the toys for your parrot as he will get disinterested very soon playing with the same toy. Some simple game exercises do provide entertainment to your parrot. Stuff a small bowl or pail with chewed up toys and see how well your parrot will empty them. Foraging toys is also a good idea to keep him in occupied. You will marvel at your own toy making traits and feel proud too. Ultimately it is your aim to keep him away from loneliness and get him the much needed mental and physical exercise. Sit and watch your parrot play with his toys and enjoy yourself too!
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