Halloween Cookie Cutters Set the Scene

by:NUTAKE     2020-08-28
Halloween Cookie Cutters may well be the integral ingredient that takes your haunted house from so-so to spectacular. Create a party that delights your guests and fills them with the spirit of this spooky holiday by serving treats made with Halloween Cookie Cutters. Below, we share some of the other elements that make a Halloween party memorable. Happy haunting! To set the scene for a spooktacular Halloween: * Display your pile of brightly colored Halloween cookies on a table flanked with a bowl of dry ice. * Make sure you have scary music playing loudly enough so that trick-or-treaters can hear it as they begin to walk up your driveway. By the time they ring your doorbell, you want them to be a bit apprehensive. Then you have the perfect opportunity to scare them with whatever spooky getup you are wearing this year. * Spread fake cobwebs liberally throughout your home and outside area. Consider these fake webs to be a sort of 'Halloween ivy,' and cover literally everything you can with them. Don't forget to drop a plastic spider here and there for extra effect. The result will be extremely creepy. * There is nothing quite as disconcerting as a bodiless hand sticking up out of the ground. Make sure your yard has one that is displayed for all to see. * Consider crafting custom tombstones for your yard with messages that incorporate your neighbors and friends. What a wonderful way to welcome guests to your party. You could even create a personalized tombstone for each couple. It sounds macabre, but when done in a humorous manner, it is hilarious. Don't be surprised if your friends ask you if they can take their stone home with them after the party festivities are over. * Get into the spirit of Halloween. If that means you need to use your Halloween Cookie Cutters to fill the cookie box with witch hats, black hats, pumpkins and haunted houses as soon as October 1st arrives, so be it. Enjoy the holiday!
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