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by:NUTAKE     2020-07-04
Green Frog Art is a nursery furniture manufacturer whose goal is to deliver a top-notch cradle and cradle bedding set to parents who have an eye for style. Their design philosophy is to create baby products that reflect the parent's taste and strive to create items that work well in any room of the house. The designs are intended to be unique, functional and are created with the idea of becoming a cherished family heirloom to be remembered long after baby has outgrown it. A Green Frog Art cradle makes a wonderful addition to the bedroom, nursery, family room, kitchen or even grandparent's house. Green Frog nursery furniture works in areas where child friendly items are needed but also need to be coordinated appropriately with your existing home decor. Cradles Crafted Utilizing 3 Important Values Practicality - Nursery furniture can sometimes be a difficult thing to part with once your baby outgrows it. Green Frog Art understands that a baby cradle is only meant to be used for a short period of time. If you aren't able to donate or hand it down to family members or friends, don't worry. Keep it, display it proudly and make it a memorable family heirloom that can be cherished for years to come. Green Frog Art cradles are designed to enhance any room decor. They make great conversational pieces that will bring back fond family memories. Safety - Green Frog Art strives to adhere to all juvenile product safety standards and prides its name and reputation on safety. Their high quality baby furniture is made with non-toxic paints and stains. All Green Frog Art products meet or exceed the current ASTM safety standards. ASTM is an international organization that develops technical standards for a wide range of products, materials, systems and services. The ASTM standards are developed for juvenile products based on hazard data. The data provides insight into how products are used or mis-used by consumers. To identify which manufacturers have taken the proper steps to ensure their products meet ASTM standards the consumer must look for the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, JPMA certification seal. The program does not guarantee that every product is safe but it does indicate that the manufacturer took the necessary steps to ensure the product complies with current ASTM standards. Adding Beauty To Living Spaces - Green Frog's vision is focused on the belief that parents want their kid's rooms to reflect their same decorating style. They feel that functional yet tasteful children's furniture is needed throughout the home to create an ideal living environment. Well designed living spaces can enhance a person's mood and overall lifestyle. It is similar to entering the lobby of a breath-taking luxury hotel. Stunning colors, meticulous attention to detail, wide open spaces. We know it when we see it but it's often hard to explain in words. Green Frog Art believes that a beautiful environment can help to nurture the soul. Adding a high quality piece of nursery furniture can help to accomplish your goal of creating a beautiful home decor. The Green Frog Art Cradle Line Green Frog Art cradles are intended to be used for the first few months of baby's life and are a great way to keep them near you at all times. Cradles are recommended for babies up to 25 lbs. who are not yet pushing up on their hands and knees. Green Frog Art cradles are tall enough to allow easy in and out access to and from your arms and large enough to provide growing room for baby. Two kickstand style brakes are provided to easily go from a stationary position to a gently rocking cradle. When your baby moves on to the crib, it becomes a gorgeous piece of accent furniture that can be filled with toys, dolls, blankets or stuffed animals. It can become a treasured family heirloom to pass on to the next generation. Now & Forever Convertible Cradle - Gives parents a top quality product in a package that provides a piece of furniture that can be used for a lifetime. Includes all parts necessary to convert the tall stationary cradle to a shorter version, doll bed, toy box or child's love seat. A high quality firm cradle mattress is also included. Optional accessories sold separately include a twin bed conversion kit, cradle rockers and a large storage drawer. The Now and Forever offers a gorgeous modern look with superior functionality. Finished in chocolate mist, a dark espresso color that coordinates well with many popular household furnishings. Also available in white. Old World Cradle - Green Frog Art's best seller. The beautiful dark wood finish, intricate carving and hand painted gold detailing gives it an irresistible charm. The Old World's beautiful, traditional styling make it the perfect complement to your bedroom, family room or any room you spend time in. A high quality cradle mattress is included. Brandy Sleigh Cradle II - Has a traditional sleigh style and a neutral wood finish. The smooth curved edges set this cradle's design apart and gives it a modern look that new parents adore. Ebony Sleigh Cradle II - Has a similar design to the Brandy Sleigh II and makes the perfect fit for your new family. Its dark black color is beautiful in any room and offers a sophisticated look for baby. Patterson Cradle - The irresistible charm of this stunning design is achieved through its rich black finish, gold hand painted details and intricate carvings. It is similar to the Old World but boasts a much darker finish. Allegro Cradle - This unique wooden cradle portrays a modern look to complement your modern lifestyle. The Allegro's expert craftsmanship and rich espresso finish give it a distinctive look and feel of fine furniture. Green Frog Art Cradle Bedding Green Frog has the perfect cradle bedding set to accompany your new baby cradle. Choose a cradle bedding set that fits your personality or one that matches your home decor, bedroom or nursery. From beautiful and comfortable modern prints to classic elegance, Green Frog Art cradle bedding sets fit all 18' x 36' cradles and includes a fitted sheet, bumper and coverlet.
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