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by:NUTAKE     2020-10-21
Whenever there is a big occasion, like a wedding, then of course the gifts will be flying in all directions. The bride and groom will benefit from all the gifts given to them by family members and guests at the wedding, but there are other gifts to be considered. The bride and groom normally like to give out gifts as a form of gratitude to those who have helped with the wedding or to those who definitely need a show of thanks before and one the big day itself. These gifts take many forms for sure, and it all depends on who is to receive it. Groomsmen will get something a little masculine, while all the ladies who receive a gift normally get something particularly feminine. There are unisex gifts these days which both the maids and groomsmen will appreciate. These take the form of weekend luggage or laptop cases with just enough room for a change of underwear etc. but in the most part these gifts are gender sensitive. Bridesmaids love to get their gift for performing their duties on the given day. This can take the form of jewelry, and many love to get a locket or earrings from the couple. But some couples are looking to get them something a little different from the ubiquitous piece of jewelry. Indeed, some couples agonize over what to get them and then this becomes a bit of a chore. So for those who want something different, and without too much time being spent on the task at hand, try giving them a lovely jewelry or trinket box. This has two points immediately in its favor. One is that the boxes can all be different from each other so that the girls don't feel like this was a job lot. And two, each one can be engraved so that it becomes unique to the recipient. Perhaps a third point is that this gift is not age sensitive so it can be given to bridesmaids of all ages since they will use it one day even if they have not reached the age of maturity. These bridesmaid's gifts come in many different forms and finishes. Jewelry boxes in silver plate look wonderful and when they come in special shapes, like a heart or star design, they look even better. The jewelry boxes in the heart shape come in several different sizes and finishes but the one thing that they have in common is that they can all be engraved. Putting on the initials of the maid, along with the initials or names of the bride and groom, with the date of the wedding day, would mean that she will remember this day forever. Some trinket boxes come in a set of two, so this would make a doubly good gift. As an aside, men's trinket boxes would also make excellent groomsmen's gifts, and would keep the same them running through the gift packages. These can also be engraved but some have the added advantage of having added sports emblems on them, like fly fishing etc. For the youngest of bridesmaids, gifts of less ornate jewelry boxes may be suitable. All pre teens just love pink, so getting them a box in this pretty color should go down well. These come in the form of musical boxes too with a pretty ballerina dancing to the music when the box is opened. This would probably suit a flower girl too. For teenage bridesmaids, a jewelry box in an odd but cute style may be suitable. Silver take out boxes make quirky jewelry boxes and would look good in any teen's room. An unusual conversation piece, this could also double as a box to store secret bits and pieces that most teenagers store away. The box can also be personalized on the front with any message or just with the initials of the recipient. For something a little more unusual, trinket boxes made from pewter also come in different styles. One in particular is handmade in England and has a wonderful teddy bear on the lid holding onto its own teddy. This is great for those who love teddy bears or who may be an avid collector of the animal. Star shaped, silver plated jewelry boxes also look very spectacular, particularly when they are engraved. These are usually lined with velvet so that the jewelry held inside is kept at its optimum. For those who want to make this gift extra special, apart from the engraving a small piece of jewelry could also be added to start off the life long collection. For the more traditional style gift, jewelry boxes come in all kinds of quality wood finishes. Names and dates can be added, and these boxes are usually kept in the family, sometimes for generations. Mother passing to daughter is the usual routine and if the box is of a hard wood, it can usually stand the test of time. It is not always necessary to give a jewelry box. There are those boxes that are specifically made to hold keepsakes or even photographs. They are normally a little larger than the usual jewelry box but they can be personalized as well. Anyone who is giving this style of gift may think that it looks a little impersonal, but try adding another gift on top to make it extra special. One such gift is a bride and groom teddy bear set. The guy bear wears a top hat and black bow tie, while the bride wears a veil and white lace bow tie. These two little charmers can be personalized and when they are added to another gift, become something very special from the day itself. Whatever is given as bridesmaids gifts always try to make it different from the other gifts that are given. The personalization will usually take care of this aspect but adding something extra for each individual maid will certainly have a better impact and will certainly not break the bank.
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