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by:NUTAKE     2020-08-29
The hindi film industry or more popularly known as the Bollywood is one of the biggest and most prosperous film industries of the world. Just like the Bombay Stock Exchange determines the values of various listed shares, the box office report determines the star value of all the cine stars. Since bollywood is primarily a hindi film industry therefore the majority of fans of these bollywood stars have a hindi speaking origin. For the very same reason bollywood news in hindi is the most sought after news in the Indian television. Various hindi news channel are in the business of providing latest updates and news of this industry. In fact this industry produces more number of movies in comparison to Hollywood and is ahead of its closest competitor in many aspects. Almost 800 movies are produced in India every year which is more than double that is currently been produced in the United States of America. It will not be wrong to say that Indians are in love with movies that's why almost 1.4 million people go to the movies on a daily basis. They carefully monitor the box office report of each and every movie. Irrespective of religion, economic status, family background etc these movie stars have fans in all the section of the society. The Indian fans are crazy about their favourite film stars. All the brands that are being endorsed by these stars are readily accepted by their fans and the market experts take great advantage of this fact. The fans of these stars take a keen interest in the personal lives of their favorites movie stars. Whose been linked up with whom, which star is doing which movie, which brand is being endorsed by these stars, when is the music launch, when a particular movie is being released, are some the questions that keep on coming in the minds if these fans regularly. Various Hindi News channels and other entertainment channels cope up with this task of providing these information to the people. They keep their viewers updated by the latest movie news, gossips, scandals, music launch parties, box office report etc. Since the movies produced here are mainly in hindi therefore bollywood news in hindi is broadcasted more in comparison to other languages. Even the movie stars and various other people involved in the entertainment industry very carefully monitor the box office report of each and every movie released. The box office report play a very crucial role in all the decisions made here.
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