Four Toys And Activities to Develop Children Intelligence

by:NUTAKE     2020-05-24
In kids' early stage, parents always give children some toys or make them take part in activities to develop their intelligence. It is the right way but you should choose best toys or tools that can achieve expectant effect. Toys or activities such as building blocks, cloth dolls and so on are introduced in this article. Playing with sands By nature, all little kids like to play with sands or water. Kids after 18 months have consciousness to understand that not everything can be put into their mouth. At this time, playing with sands would be your first choice. Give them some tools such as small shovel, small rabble and bucket and let them create what they want to make with their optionally imagination. I am sure they would create something that goes beyond your imagination and makes you exclaim with admiration. Building blocks Babies with about eight months old begin to discover many things around them. For example, they have recognized some items such as toys like stuffed animals, wooden toys and furniture. They also know that which items are soft while which items are hard to touch, which items have obvious edges and corners while which items are round. When facing with building blocks, babies begin to hit against two building blocks by hands to make sound that like music made by themselves. In addition, they know how to make building blocks become higher and different shapes can be built through many building blocks. Goods with various shapes What goods with various shapes can be used to develop kids' intelligence? When playing with such goods, children's observation ability can be developed fully. For example, kids would understand that the items with just one hole can only be threaded with one object. Through playing with such toys, children can know more items with different shapes in daily life. By the way, such toys are suitable for kids about 18 months old. Cloth dolls When two years old, children begin to form their unique characters and they have been able to express their love and hate on things or people at this time. What I recommend for them are cloth dolls. Imagine that they can treat cloth dolls as their own babies and take good care of them just as their mothers look after them. They will wash face for dolls, and put clothes on them, or even praise or blame dolls.
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