Five Toys that Suitable for Babies between Seven

by:NUTAKE     2020-05-30
During seven months to nine months, you babies' hands become more and more flexible and their movements also become more and more precise. At this time, they begin to crawl on the floor or bed, or in other words, they try their best to crawl. Toys showed below are suitable for babies at this phase because they help children explore the world and develop their exploring ability. Ball toys, I am sure that almost all ages children always like to play with balls. For example, when you are teenager and in middle school, you are likely to play football or basketball. Back to the article, light and soft balls made from cloth are suitable for 7 to 9-month-old babies. You can let babies sit on the floor and you also do this action like the baby, then you keep the cloth ball rolling between you and your babies. When they become slightly older, you can order them to get balls back. Multifunction game table or board, in daily life, many babies are likely to play with multifunction game table or board, which have the revolving part so as to develop their coordination skills between hands and eyes. At the same time, babies begin to know that they already have the ability to change some things around them. Therefore, they are fascinated with behaviors such as pricking, screwing, pinching, shaking, throwing things away and opening something. Household items, if you are free and have interests, you can find some things from cupboard in the kitchen, which would attract children's attention and regard them as fascinating toys. For example, you can give one wood spoon or a plastic bowl. I am sure they would play with such items for a long term, which is better than toys bought from shopping mall and just attract children for a little time. When you are cooking, open the cupboard and let babies find what they are interested and get more pleasure from playing with them. However, what you have to pay attention is not to let kids find dangerous items such as knife, fork and other. Wooden building blocks or soft building blocks, babies during this phase are likely to play with building blocks, put things into box and let items out of box and so on. However, their most interested thing is to push over the building blocks they have just built. Cloth books or cardboard books, they are suitable toys for babies at this stage and after reading one page, you can ask them to flip the pages.
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