Five Top Tips for Organising Your Wedding Reception Music

by:NUTAKE     2020-08-30
How many wedding receptions have you been to where the setting, food and speeches have all been fantastic and then the band starts to play and suddenly the atmosphere dies? Within half an hour everyone is chatting at the bar and the party is all but over. On your special day you need a guarantee that not only wills this not happen at your reception but that your wedding band for hire is the one of the talking points of the day for years to come. Your wedding day is without question one of the most important days of your life. Everything from the ceremony to the food and reception has got to be perfect. Wedding band hire is no exception, they have got to be top notch. Quite often the band you choose can be the difference between an amazing wedding and just an average one. Deciding between loads of bands, budgets, styles of music, set lists, types of bands that are going to appeal to everyone's tastes can be very confusing. Here are five top tips from one of the countries leading experts in live wedding entertainment to help you make sure you get it right. 1. GET SPECIAL REQUESTS IN EARLY If you have a first song request or some favourite songs you would like played on the day make sure you let the agency know as soon as possible. All good bands will accommodate requests if given enough warning. If you intend to use the bands own sound system during the speeches make sure you request that from the agency. Quite often there is a small early set-up fee for this service. 2. SAVE MONEY If you have pushed yourselves to your budget limit for the wedding music then most bands are happy for clients to use their PA sound system to connect ipods or lap tops for the disco music at no cost. Get someone whose taste in music you trust to compile appropriate background music for during the meal and upbeat party music to be played when the band is taking a break. Alternatively most bands can also provide an upbeat play list for in between their sets and some offer a DJ option for approximately 250. 3. ASK YOUR VENUE THESE QUESTIONS EARLY ON IN YOUR PLANNING Do they need PAT electrical certificates from the band? Does the band need to have public liability insurance? Do they use noise limiters? If they do and the settings are very low it is often not worth having live music. Do they have a microphone and sound system that you can use during the speeches? Is there a stage for the band? What time does the wedding party music have to finish? These issues can cause real problems if they are discovered wanting late on in your planning. 4. PASS ON IMPORTANT INFORMATION TO THE AGENCY As soon as you can, let the agent have: Directions to the venue, Your days timings (band arrival times, set-up, sound check, when you want the first and second sets played, finishing deadline). Most bands charge extra for an early set-up time, so it is best to try and clear a 1 hour period as close to 6pm as possible for the band to arrive, set up and sound check. Any special requests. Put the best man/usher in charge of dealing with/paying the band on the day and give the band/agent his contact details. 5. BOOK EARLY Book the band/DJ/Quartet as early as possible. The most sought after acts usually get booked up a year in advance, especially over the busiest summer months. Generally you confirm the booking by paying a 30% deposit on the band you choose. You should then receive a contract and confirmation on the deposit payment. Have a read of of our FAQ's which should cover any more questions you may have. LAST BUT NOT LEAST.........ENJOY YOUR SPECIAL DAY! Covers Bands, DJs and Acts Wedding Bands For Hire, Bands For Weddings, functions, parties and events, affordable and professional service with only the highest quality acts, Gigz Management.
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