Filipino: A True Music Lover

by:NUTAKE     2020-09-01
Filipinos have been branded as the 'Italians of Asia.' We love music so much that it has become part of our everyday life. You are a Filipino if you love music. It has been evident in different situations -- farmers release stress after a day's work by singing and drinking tuba or toddy (Philippine hard liquor). In modern times, videoke sessions became a staple entertainment for all occasions. Music has become so rampant -- even the person sitting next to you at a public vehicle is playing music in his iPod or his latest music phone. Usually, friends who like the same genre of music would share torrent files during break times at work or at school. Music files are now added to blogs and personal pages in different social network sites such as Facebook, Friendster and MySpace. Music is not the only entertainment that has become an integral part of the Filipino life. Movies, which reflect and/or dictate culture, are everywhere. You truly are a Filipino if you love movies. This could not be stopped as people get many movies in one cd or dvd besides being able to play it over and over. To the more tight-budgeted ones, torrent downloads are better options as they are free. Talk about how the Filipino culture intertwines with resourcefulness! Moreover, since torrent downloading has expanded to more than just sharing of media files for no cost at all, a lot of Filipinos have been taking advantage of this. Freebies come in many forms -- e-books, magazines, games, anime, comics, manuals and even operating systems free information at our fingertips! Imagine saving hundreds of dollars and never miss an episode in your much-awaited television series by just downloading torrents. Truly, you are a Filipino if you love freebies. Source: Most Reliable Torrent Search Engine
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