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by:NUTAKE     2020-09-01
Just like the demi-gods of the genre, a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ticket is a coveted thing to hold in your hands. It represents a generous peek into the world of rock and roll where household names like The Queen, The Beatles, The Who and Bee Gees as well as the greatest producers, song writers and engineers of the music genre are honored by their peers and fans. Indeed, book your Hall of Fame tickets now and travel back in time to the beginnings of arguably the greatest music genre ever. Admission Fees The admission tickets to the rock and roll museum are reasonably priced depending on the age category of the guests. The funds are then diverted to finance the operations of the museum as well as in the education of the music genre's social, political and cultural relevance, then and now. You can buy your Hall of Fame ticket online as well as at the gate although we do recommend the first option for greater convenience to avoid the lengthy waiting period of falling in line for it. Prices depend on the age, residence and membership of the guest. According to the museum's official website, Hall of Fame tickets are priced as follows: Greater Cleveland Residents (Present a valid identification card) Seniors (65 years and older) and members of the military (Present a valid identification card) Children ages 9 to 12 years children ages 8 and under Free admission but an adult must purchase a Hall of Fame ticket Members have free admission to the museum Each ticket entitles the holder to five hours of stay in the museum. The museum was designed by IM Pei, the famous architect, to boast of 7 floors, 5 film theaters and other venues for permanent exhibits, special events and free public programs. Guests can also avail of the two-day pass to further enjoy the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Admission Hours Unless otherwise stated on the Hall of Fame tickets, the admission hours to the museum are as follows On general days and during the summer season, the museum is open every day from 10 in the morning to 5:30 in the afternoon with Wednesdays open until 9 in the evening. From Memorial Day through Labor Day, the museum opens its doors until 9 in the evening only. Take note that no Hall of Fame ticket will be issued for Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. These are the rest days, so to speak, for the caretakers of rock and roll's memorabilia. Special Events There are also tickets for special events held at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. For example, the revolutionary U2 3-D concert film showing at the Foster Theater has an admission price of $3 with tickets available at the museum's box office. Did you also know that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is now open to the general public since 2009? Tickets are usually on a limited basis so get going on your quest to secure a Hall of Fame ticket for yourself as soon as possible! If you are looking for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame then you should look no further than rock and roll museum. To know more, visit the website at rock of hall live
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