Exciting Smurf Party Games For Guests of All Ages

by:NUTAKE     2020-09-02
The Smurfs Party Supplies are adored by millions of Smurf fans around the world. For a young fan of the Smurfs, why not throw he or she a Smurf-tastic party with party games, Smurfs Party Supplies, and Invitations. Keep the party games simple yet fun so children of all ages can participate in the fun. Smurfs Find. Smurfs are rambunctious little things always getting into some sort of wacky adventure. The object of Smurfs Find is very simple: find the Smurfs before Gargamel does. Hide small Smurf toys or cut outs of various Smurfs characters around the party area. ON go, the players must search high and low to find the Smurfs before the evil Gargamel captures them. Blue Smurfs Jell-O Eating Contest: All of the guests will begin with their own bowl of blue flavored Jell-O. The first player to eat all the Jell-O the fastest is the winner. Add raspberries, strawberries or other red fruits in the Jell-O as well. Smurf Water Balloon Sheet Catch. Divide party guests into two teams with one team being Team White and one team being Team Blue. To make the game much more fun the rest of both teams make their way across the grass or location to another area to hold a large sheet.The object of the game is to catch as many balloons in the sheet as possible. What Is In The Smurf Box? What Is In The Smurf Box is played by wrapping a box filled with blue candy, Smurf toys and other fun party favors in multiple layers or blue and white wrapping paper. The game is played by passing the box around in a circle when music is playing. The child who is holding the box when the music stops removes a layer or wrapping paper. The player who removes the last layer of wrapping paper wins the goodies inside. Create a Smurf: This game answers the question about a child being a Smurf and whatit would look like, sound like and be like. What would they be called or look like? Have the party guests create themselves in Smurf form of Smurfanized. Give the party guests crayons, markers, pencils, paper to create themselves as Smurfs. Furthermore, having a Smurf birthday party will be a great treat for Smurf cartoon fans of all ages.
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