Enjoy Antique Looks And Quality Sound With Crosley

by:NUTAKE     2020-06-27
Crosley is quite famous as the manufacturers of sound devices that have the antique look and robust technology so that you do not only get something to adorn your house but something that is much more than decorative item. Yes, you must not get swayed by the old designs of these gramophones and Crosley radio because they use most modern sound systems and technologies so that you can enjoy hearing the music. One of the most popular items from Crosley is Director CD Recorder that is a perfect mix of traditional design and contemporary technology. Let us first talk about the design that resembles the age-old vinyl players. But the wooden cabinet and quality finish makes it a perfect item that can adorn your drawing or living room. There is nothing flashy about the design but it is all about elegance and regal touch so one will surely get a feeling that you appreciate finer things in life. The sound box is also very artistically kept behind the wooden design so if you look at once then you might confuse it with an artistic furniture set. Now let us talk about the features and functionality of this wonderful recorder set. It has three speed turntable that can rotate the vinyl player at three different speeds. crosley radio is also suitably designed to play the different-sized records of 7', 10' and 12' so you do not have to think twice if you have the record of different size. This simple but elegant looking set boasts of programmable CD player, AM/FM radio and it can efficiently play MP3 and WAV files with ease so you get the modern sound technology in the guise of traditional looks. There is a beautiful LCD display at the heart of this set that not only adds to the attraction but it also helps you to see and adjust the sound signals as desired. Priced at just over $300 this is one of the best buys if you appreciate music and wish to take a tour to the good old times of vinyl recorders. You can purchase them from physical stores or if you want easy purchase then there are several online stores that have this wonderful product from Crosley.
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