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by:NUTAKE     2020-10-26
A guitar is often considered as the king of all musical instruments. An Electric Guitar is a guitar that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction by converting vibration to audio. It is totally different from that of an acoustic guitar as it uses an amplifier to enhance its sound. Also it uses electricity unlike the acoustic one. The main difference can be seen when it comes to playing an electric guitar. An Electric Guitar Is more difficult and technical than that of a simple acoustic guitar. An Electric Guitar is much heavier than an acoustic as it is totally made by metal. When it comes to effects an acoustic does not have reverb and distortion, whereas an Electric Guitar possesses them. An Electric Guitar consists of many parts starting from a headstock. A headstock includes metal machine head which is used for tuning. Next comes machine heads, often called worm gearswhich the player turns to change the string tension and thus adjust the tuning. The truss rod cover is a metal cylinder which is used for adjusting tension in the neck. Thenutis a thin fret-like strip of metal, plastic, graphite or bone which the strings pass over as they first go onto the fingerboard. Theneckand thefretboardextend from the body; at the neck joint the neck is either glued or bolted to the body; the body of this instrument is made of wood which is painted and lacquered, but some guitar bodies are also made of polycarbonate or other materials;pickups are usually magnetic, the control knobs are there for the volume and tonepotentiometers; a fixedbridgeon some guitars, a spring-loaded hinged bridge called a 'tremolosystem' is used instead, which allows players to 'bend' notes or chords down in pitch or perform a vibrato embellishment. An Electric guitar also consists of an effects unit; Effects units are of different formats, the most common of which are the stomp-box and the rack-mount unit. A stomp box or pedal is a small metallic or plastic box containing the circuitry which is placed on the floor in front of the musician and connected in line with the patch cord connected to the instrument. The player controls the effects by one or more foot pedal on off switches. A rack-mount effects unit contains some identical electronic circuit. However, rack-mount effects units contain several different types of effects. They are typically controlled by knobs or switches on the front panel, and often by aMIDIdigital control interface. Electric guitars are further developed by adding synthesizers and multi FX devices that make it highly technical and advanced instrument.
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