Educational Wooden Toys

by:NUTAKE     2020-05-25
Children often have no idea that they are learning while they are at play, so if you can find ways to get them to learn while they play, you have a leg up on raising a child with a love of learning. One way to go about this is with educational wooden toys. Some of these are so old and so well loved they are not thought of as learning toys, but that is exactly what they are. You may even have some in your home right now. Some of the earliest educational wooden toys that you can get for your kids are simple wooden building blocks. These can all be the same size, or they can come in different sizes. It really doesn't matter as they all work just as well. Children learn a lot from these, and it is not about the letters or shapes that may be painted on the sides. Instead, they learn about how to build and what happens if you build to high or without a good base. They learn about gravity and they learn cause and effect. All babies love blocks, so make sure you pick up a set or two. When they get a little older and have learned something from those simple building blocks, it is time to get them something more complicated. Educational wooden toys that come next might be something like Lincoln Logs. These toys are great for learning and they expand the imagination. They can be used to be construct buildings of all types, along with anything else that your child can think up. They can also be used with other toys for even more fun and more learning. Most parents remember these fondly and love to buy them for their own kids. Other educational wooden toys that work well with children of all ages are puzzles. These often have twisting rods that have wooden balls attached to them. Moving them around the rods teaches them dexterity and problem solving. These can be just plain fun too! There are more complicated sets of wooden blocks that can be used to build anything from dinosaurs to castles. These are harder than Lincoln Logs because they do not have any set attaching points. Children learn a lot by playing with these blocks, and parents love to play with them too. Most toys that you buy in the stores are made to be safe for a specific age group. Look at that before you buy, mostly to make sure you are not giving something to a child that may be a choking hazard. Some children put things into their mouth until they are two and older. Also make sure any educational wooden toys that you buy are smooth so that your children do not get splinters. Most come that way, but a piece or two may slip through the cracks. Just check them out before you give them to your kids for playtime.
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