Dreamy Denia is Beautiful Place

by:NUTAKE     2020-05-26
Our world might be small, but it has some really beautiful places. All you need to do is get out and explore. If you are in the mood for a holiday then I suggest you head to Denia, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Spain. The road to Denia is picturesque and you will have the ride of your life for sure. So what is so special about this place? Well for starter, it is located close to the mountain Montgo. It has a coast line of 20 kilometers. Those who are fond of surfing will definitely have a great time at the beaches in this town. Denia has a rich history. Walking through this city, you will find remains of the yesteryears. One of the main historical attractions is the Denic castle. Even though it is almost 2000 years old the castle is still in good shape. The castle was mainly used for defensive purposes built during the occupation of the Moors. Other than that, you will also come across some old wind mills. You cannot miss the toy museum while you are in Denia. It is a great place for the kids as well as the grown-ups. The museum is the home of numerous toys made of either wood or metal. In 1904 Denia had her first toy factory that manufactured toys that were made of tin plates. A decade later another factory was opened that made toys made of wood ferienwohnungen in spanien. Eventually the city became popular for its wooden toys. In this museum you will get to know the history of toy making in Denia. Do not miss this chance. Next stop is the archaeological museum. The museum consists of two rooms in the 'Palace of the Governor.' The museum mainly represents the development of the city over the time. But here you will also find archaeological artifacts. You can also visit the place where some of the expeditions had taken place. Denia is one city that has festival going on all year round. You can visit the city any time of the year and you will find the city in a festive mood. One of the biggest festivals is the Fallas. It is dedicated to Saint Joseph the carpenter. Every year the monuments get bigger and better as people compete for the first prize. Another popular fiesta is the bull running. This takes place all over Spain in different time of the year. The main idea is to let bulls loose in the city to chase people. The people have to run and take cover behind wooden barricade before they are attacked by the angry bull. I could write on and on about the festival and the wonderful places of Denia. But what fun would that be? Instead of reading, you can experience it all. DO not miss the chance for nothing.
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