Downloading Videos and Music from YouTube

by:NUTAKE     2020-09-04
There is a huge amount of music and videos available on YouTube for watching, but sometimes you may not want to deal with fumbling through a favorites list or logging into YouTube to watch your favorites. You may want all of your favorite YouTube videos and listen to music on the go, from your phone, or on an MP3 player or iPod. While YouTube is usually very user friendly, with the ability to watch countless videos, upload your own, add text, on screen pointers and comments and get input from other viewers via their own comments and ratings, there is one thing lacking -a way to quickly and easily download videos and music from YouTube. That feature is simply not provided! There are a few things you need to do in order to successfully download videos and music from YouTube. First you need to be aware that some downloads may break YouTube's terms of service(TOS) and you must always be aware of any possible copyright issues and not download any music or video clips that are copyrighted by someone else as this is considered piracy. Now for the traditional steps to download your favorite music and videos from YouTube onto your PC for anytime offline viewing and enjoyment: First, select the downloadable item you wish to save to your computer. There are millions of videos available, posted by people from all over the world. You can enter just about any subject into YouTube and find videos or music clips that match your search. The next step is to select a free video downloader service. Some of these you will download to your computer, while others allow you to use the service online for free. Simply copy and paste the url of the video into the correct box in your free downloader page, and then click enter. You'll be prompted to save the file, which will be saved as a .flv file. This is a flash type of video (the exact same standard file format YouTube uses to play the music and videos on their website). This means a basic player such as Windows Media Player probably won't be able to play the video. Fortunately, there are also plenty of free flash video players available for download on the web, so you can simply install one of these and then you can play your selected YouTube downloads at any time right from your PC. Of course, there is an even better option - buying a fairly priced software solution that lets you download YouTube videos quickly and reliably - even multiple videos at a time - and play them back in a variety of formats. Paid for software takes out all the extra steps and simply downloads YouTube videos for your viewing pleasure as MP3, MP4 (playable in Quicktime) WMV, DivX, Xvid, MPEG and AVI files. You can watch your downloaded videos and music on your video iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone or Zune with ease - no more constantly looking for file converters to adapt each file to your chosen mode of viewing. Downloading and converting is simple and fast. You won't ever have to struggle with clumsy, inferior software or download tools again. Paid for software doesn't sound as appealing as 'free' - at least not until you realize that the benefits you get create much less hassle every time you want to download a video or series of music from YouTube. That alone makes a higher quality download system worth the money you spend on it, because you will be able to confidently streamline the process. No more hesitating to download new YouTube videos simply because it's a lot of trouble. Many people spend hours and days or even weeks installing and uninstalling different free YouTube downloaders only to find out they don't live up to the hype, or that converting the downloaded videos takes even more time and hassle as you have to install converters and wrestle with different options for each of your devices. A paid YouTube download and conversion software takes all the frustration out of the process and makes it easy for you to build your own library of music and videos.
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