Do You Know Why Kids Always Want to Throw Toys Away

by:NUTAKE     2020-05-31
Many parents want to know why their kids always throw toys away. In fact, this phenomenon is common, and what's more, it is also so normal. According to the children development specialists, it is the signal of development on physical and cognition. Several reasons showed below to explain the common phenomenon in detail. Firstly, they want to express their emotion At the beginning, children learn how to grab things by hands. When they are ten months old, they can not only grab something, they can move thing to show that they are progressive to have this ability. Under such circumstance, they are likely to throw things such as toys away because they find that with their hands, these toys can be moved or flied and make different sound. Then they begin to realize their ability and feel their own strength, which make them very happy. In other words, it is the budding of self-awareness. Secondly, they want to play games with parents In general, after kids throw toys away, parents would pick up the toys and send to kids again. However, kids would throw them away and you pick up again. With repeated behavior, they consider such way as the games between them and parents. When playing such game, kids would be too much happy because this game is started by them and they always feel that they have the ability to control you. Thirdly, they want to attract parents' attention During the process of throwing toys away once again and again, they find that their parents pay more attention on their behavior, which would give them too much satisfaction. Therefore when parents have no time to take care of kids, they always throw toys away to draw your attention if they want to get more attention. Fourthly, throwing toys with kids together It is beneficial to throw toys away for kids because it can develop their coordination between eyes and hands. Therefore it is not necessary to prevent their behaviors. What's more, you can offer some toys such as small size balls, wooden piece for them to throw away so as to get the different feeling when throwing different types of toys made from different raw materials. If you are smart parents, you can consciously play with kids together to throw toys away and guide them to throw the different things to different places and observer the different reactions. If conditions allow, you can also add the game plots to make them get more pleasure from the playing.
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