Do You Know These Seven Toys to Develop Intelligence

by:NUTAKE     2020-07-05
Ring down 3-month-old babies can hand simple ring down to play. During this playing process, they begin to know the function of tactile sense, visual sense and taste sense. When touching them by hands to feel the feeling on hands while see more colors with their eyes. Balls 6-month-old babies are interested in all toys that are dynamic. Therefore they are always attracted by toys such as balls. Push the ball forward slightly and babies always crawl to chase the balls. If conditions allow, mothers can spend their time on playing with babies together so that they can get more pleasure from the process. Building blocks 8-month-old babies have a lot of discover. For example, they can know more items such as toys and furniture. They know which items are soft while which items are hard, which one have sharp edges and corners while which one are round. Sands Believe it or not, all children like to play with sands and water. After 18 months, children have to understand which objects can be put into mouth while which one can't. At this time, it is the best time to bring them to play sand. As parents, what you only to do is to offer all kinds of toys such as small shovel, small rabble and barrel for them. With children's wild imagination, they can shape sands into different shapes which must beyond your imagine. Cloth dolls Two years old children begin to show their individuality. One example is that they begin to express what they like and what they hate. By this time, you'd better give them a cloth doll as gifts or rewards. For baby girls, they always take good care of such cloth doll. Books with pictures When two years old, children have known lots of items through their eyes, mouth and hands, just give them books with pictures, they can get more pleasure through recognizing the items on the books. Of course, parents can also teach children more things with such pictures books. By the way, pictures on books should be with simple lines and bright colors so that they can be easily recognized. Toys cars Near three years, most children have been basically able to control their own bodies so that they can drive their small size toys cars. They can drive fast or slow. In addition to car toys, wooden riding toys are another best choice, when riding it, you can put some other toys on the riding toys, it seems that they are transport driver, which would give them more pleasure.
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