Djeco Toys as Birthday Gifts

by:NUTAKE     2020-06-01
Djeco Toys are a worldwide famous European company situated in Paris, and specialise in producing high quality and uniquely designed French toys, puzzles, games and products for children. The founder of Djeco Toys - Frederick Michel Dales took over the family toy business in the 1990's, and created his own line of imaginative toys to sell. Today, Djeco Toys makes and distributes various toys including blocks, puzzles, pull toys and mobiles all based on Dales' original designs. There are several kinds of Djeco Toys available these days, and these are excellent candidates as birthday presents for your children. Here are a few of the most popular imaginative Djeco toys: Djeco Birthday Tea Party Set: This is a wooden party set that features all the bits and pieces needed to celebrate a birthday over and over again. It includes a colourful brightly painted high quality serving tray, sugar dish, teapot, birthday cake, candles, tea cups, saucers, spoons and so on. It is designed for children who love to entertain. Djeco Stylish Eve Magnetic Puzzle: These wooden magnets feature images of 'Stylish Eve' - a female character with different outfits to mix and match. They are an excellent decoration for fridges, and suitable for kids who enjoy dressing up. They are also an excellent learning toy as they can develop motor skills. Djeco Wooden Tree House Layer Puzzle: This wooden puzzle features 3 layers of enchanting wildlife, and is designed to develop both problem solving and motor skills. It is suitable for kids aged 2 - 4 years old. Djeco Wooden Robots Magnetic Puzzle: This is a beautiful wooden magnet puzzle which is bright and coloured and features four robots. The robots are made up of three pieces, so kids can mix and match them to make all kinds of different creations. They made a great replacement to plastic magnets. Djeco Labyrinth Animals: This game is great for hand eye coordination. Children use the magnetic pen to move the coloured balls around the maze. It is a puzzle that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family. Djeco Ballerina Silhouette Puzzle: This 36 piece puzzle features a pretty scene of little ballerinas performing a concert. The puzzle is made of thick coated card, and is suitable for 4 year olds. Djeco Dragon's Castle Puzzle - This is a 54 piece jigsaw puzzle with a gorgeous illustration of a majestic dragon and castle. It is the perfect present for 5-6 year old aspiring knights.
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