Different Types of Designer Beads Used in Jewelry

by:NUTAKE     2020-06-01
Jewelry designing is one of the most popular fields of art and numerous individuals are turning to it to show their creativity. If you have a flare for jewelry designing, you don't need an extraordinary budget to start your own line of designer jewelry. All you need is the craft supplies, tools and stationary that you will need and an outlet or a website from where you can make the products available for the general public. You can also take orders for custom design jewelry to be prepared according to the requirements of your customers. Beads used for making jewelry come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and designs which can be used as such or mixed with other types to make unique jewelry pieces. Some of them are discussed below - Metallic beads - Including metal beads into apparels is one of the latest trends in the fashion industry. These shiny little globules add a shimmering effect to plain tops and dresses. Many women prefer wearing an empress style neck piece or a long chain of metallic beads over all kinds of casual wear. This accessory also goes really well with leather jewelry. Metallic jewelry like necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets are very popular among women of all ages. Some younger generation males also like to wear beaded leather jewelry. Wooden beads - The trend of using beads made of wood as a decorating accessory for clothes as well as jewelry is as old as the trend of wearing jewelry itself. These have many advantages over the metallic ones such as these are lighter in weight due to which the chances of falling off or popping out are very less and these are easy to handle and paint. These hold the paint for much longer time due to their ability to absorb liquids. Wooden beads are used for making bracelets, neckpieces, buttons and toys for kids. Glass beads - Beads made of glass have an additional feature that makes them a very popular choice for designing jewelry - these are transparent. Their see-through nature gives lots of other opportunities to the designers for making various other unique accessories like home decoration accessories including wall hangings. The natural shiny finish that glass attains makes it all the more suitable to be used for jewelry designing. These may seem to be fragile and easily breakable however these are quite sturdy and do not break unless great pressure is applied. Natural beads - Since the very inception of jewelry wearing, natural beads made of stone and clay have been very popular among the designers. The best part is that these need not be given a shape or an artificial design as these are liked in their natural form. These give a very natural look to any attire and do not have any color or design directives. Clay beads can be drawn into any shape and size and painted to go well with any dress. But these should be handled with care as these break easily, sometimes due to their own weight. So if you are longing to launch your own line of designer jewelry, visit different craft shops in Australia and start collecting different types of designer beads and other supplies.
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