Creating Atmosphere with Sound Effects and Music

by:NUTAKE     2020-09-08
The sounds you use in your presentations should be 'invisible'. They should compliment the visual elements without taking away from them. Your audience shouldn't be overly aware of the sounds, but they should feel their effects. Due to movies like 'Jaws', the modern audience has become aware of music that tries to 'Mickey mouse' its way through the movie - in other words - tries to be relevant to the actions of the characters. The modern audience is more discerning, and a more subtle approach is needed. However, this doesn't stop many sound effects clichis still having a place in today's production. What affected someone emotionally in the 50s, is likely to still have the same effect today. It is just the style, however, that has changed. Sounds for FearFear can be created in 2 ways. Deep and foreboding sounds or tones are obvious choices. While these sounds build suspense, they also create atmosphere. Surprisingly, higher pitched sounds can also be used to express fear and tension. Perhaps this is because they are associated with screams and squeals of terror. Decide which type of sound is best for your purpose.Sounds for IntrigueCreate intrigue by 'asking questions' with the weird twanging of high strings, the plinking of a child's piano, or the buzzing of a synthesizer. War of the Worlds is possibly the best example of using weird sounds to fascinate and capture the audience's imagination. Sounds for TensionOne of the best ways to create suspense is just to raise the volume or tempo of ambient sounds. It's amazing how irritating ambient sounds can be, and this can be used to your advantage. You can really grate on the audience, subtly building tension in them with annoying spaceship beeps or jungle insects. Theme MusicBring atmosphere to individual characters by giving them their own theme music. Of course ensure that it matches their style! Sounds for HeroismAfter all these years, horns and brass still provide the crescendo of sounds to represent heroism. Not just accompanying sounds for heroes, but acts of heroism are often represented with a powerful orchestra as well. Sounds for HumorOf course, using sounds for humor means not having to worry too much about making the sounds 'invisible'. In fact, making the sound overly obvious can provide a bit of humor in itself. Use techniques such as timing, exaggeration, and surprise.Visit 1soundfx to download sound effects library for provides you a huge selection of online sounds fx library .You can download sounds of your choice. Download sound effects library and use them for free. Download WAV files of sounds of desired sounds.
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