Christmas Gift Options For Kids

by:NUTAKE     2020-06-02
The Christmas season is a tough time to shop and presents for children are especially difficult, as the delicate balance between interesting and worthwhile has to be found. Melissa & Doug toys do indeed manage to find this delicate balance and are well loved for their durability and versatility. Below are some modern yet classic, gift options for kids. An undying favorite is the good old train set. Most of the options available today are plastic and not built to last, so it is indeed a refreshing change to find a quality wooden option which is sturdy and built to last. For some hours of good fun of make believe, dress up costumes are hard to beat. Kids will have hours of fun playing a super hero, a pirate, princess, fairy or knight and a range of other characters, with washable dress up costumes and cleanable accessories. Scratch-Art is another wonderful gift that is available in a range of formats from jewelery, to frames, to stickers to fashion sets. Endless hours of fun, is guaranteed through a Melissa & Doug Dinosaur stamper set. With individual stamps for individual dinosaurs, kids will be simply enthralled with stamping their favorite dinosaur on paper. Coming with ink pads and color pencils the kids are well on their way for proper fun. Kids love make-believe and what better way to aid them in their pretend world than with proper props! Sandwich making sets are ideal as they are wooden, durable and allow the children to create their own different varieties of sandwiches! Stickers are always a firm favorite with the young and most often with the not so young as well. Stickers of different shapes, sizes, colors and images will always be very welcomed kids who can use them to decorate their rooms, books or paste in scrapbooks. Magic sets are always winners as gifts. Children love performing as magicians for their families and can enjoy practicing for the 'event'. Painting is a pastime that allows children to be at their creative best and use colors and shapes as they please. An easel makes it that much easier and can be moved to any part of the house close to the supervision of a parent, so the child is occupied and the parent is satisfied!
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