Buying Toy Scheme For The Smart Baby Cultivation

by:NUTAKE     2020-06-24
0 - 1 month The newborn baby spends a lot of time in bed. However, he is very smart and has a strong ability to learn. Therefore, make full use of various toys to provide him as much as possible hearing, visual and feeling stimulation. The basic toys for newborns: First, hanging toys, such as colorful balloons, inflatable small animals, pictures with bright colors. Second, sound toys, such as small rubber animals that can pinch ring, rattle bells with soft sound, music box, musical rotating hanging bells. 1 - 3 months At this stage, baby can head up slowly, you can use rolling ball to attract him to head up to crawl. Besides, the basic toys for baby this stage includes: toys able to run like the electronic or winding small animals; colorful hanging pictures or focused paintings. Toys specially recommended are the large inflatable plastic balls with small bells inside. Hanging above the baby bed, let him to kick with feet. The baby at this stage prefers feet activities, when he kicks the ball, watching the ball sway and hearing the sound of bells, the baby will be very excited. 3 - 6 months The most significant advances of baby at this stage are that they have been able to put head up and lean to turn the body over slowly. At this time, the baby's vision expanding a lot and he becomes more active. He has learned to grasp things and put into mouth naturally. Parents need to prepare the following must-have toys for baby: special chew toys; a variety of toys for the baby to grasp, such as small plastic animals, small boxes, wooden spools, etc. and plush toys. Maters needing attention: the above toys must be non-toxic and easy to clean; toy sound volume is moderate; small parts on the toys are not easy to fall off. 6 -12 months Infants at this stage begin to growing teeth and like to bite things. They can sit tight and broaden vision, like to grip or shake things and learn to crawl to pick things they like. The basic toys at this time includes: non-toxic teether for baby to bite to ease the pain of baby gums; various shapes of building blocks for baby to pass between two hands; soft paper for baby to tear. Specially recommended toys: rattles activities frame to exercise body and hands flexibility. Knocking wooden piano will send out clear sound and meet the needs for baby beating, and develop their musical potential. Intelligence box has all sorts of geometry shapes of holes on the lids for baby to throw different shapes of blocks into, and at the same time teach baby to identify colors and shapes. Plush toys are soft and cuddly baby partners.
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