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Computer speakers Bose Computer MusicMonitor's Main article: Bose computer speakers Starting in 1994 Bose has released a variety of computer speakers. Bose currently has 4 different models ranging from a low price entry level system to surround sound. Wireless systems SoundLink wireless music system On July 17 2009 Bose announced the Bose SoundLink to be released on Aug 27 2009 for $549. Resembling the SoundDock portable it does not use an iPod but streams music directly from the computer using a Bluetooth USB key. This system is battery powered with a battery life of (314 hours). It also allows the user to control programs on the computer (like iTunes, Windows Media Player, Pandora, etc.) from the SoundLink without installing any software. The remote control has basic functions like power & volume and via the SoundLink can send commands to skip tracks and play/pause. The system also has an AUX input on the back. Wave music system - SoundLink On October 22 2009 Bose released the Wave music system SoundLink. Designed to bring music from your computer to other rooms, it features a Bose Wave music system which includes an AM/FM radio and a CD/MP3 player, the SoundLink adapter and a Bluetooth USB key. Running for $599, the SoundLink connects to the Wave's Bose link port on the back of the system and the USB key requires no software because it acts as a computer's sound card, though this will disable the PC's speakers. Thus it will play PC-stored protected and unprotected music as well as Internet music sources accessed via the PC. The Wave's remote will send basic control commands to a PC's iTunes or Windows Media Player software, allowing users to skip tracks or play/pause PC-stored songs even when the computer is in a different room. For existing Wave owners, Bose also launched a $149 Wave SoundLink upgrade kit to add wireless streaming to an existing Bose linked Wave system. SoundDock Bose SoundDock The Bose SoundDock Digital Music System is a speaker sound system manufactured by Bose which is compatible with Apple's iPod and Apple's iPhone. The SoundDock series I was released on September 16, 2004 and allows iPod owners to access, control and listen to their stored music. On September 20, 2007 Bose released a new version of its Bose SoundDock line, the SoundDock Portable, which would have a built in battery. By September 18, 2008 Bose released an updated SoundDock Series II replacing its previous version. The change was most likely accelerated because Apple changed the way they charge their iPods.. On September 15 2009 Bose announced the SoundDock 10 to be sold on the 21st. It is far more powerful than any of its predecessors and will be sold alongs side the SoundDock series II and the Portable. Background Responding to a growing market of iPod-compatible speakers, the SoundDock is Bose's entry to the growing iPod speaker market. The SoundDock systems are compatible with third, fourth and fifth-generation iPods, as well as the iPod mini and iPod nano. The Sounddocks are both fully compatible with the iPhone using the large dock adapter that comes with the Sounddock SoundDock series I The Bose SoundDock system The SoundDock included an infrared remote that can control an iPod from across a room. The iPod and SoundDock system can also be operated without the remote. When an iPod is docked, all of its controls are accessible, with one-button volume controls available on the SoundDock system's enclosure. The SoundDock can also charge (via firewire) and in the absence of the wall charger will charge up any iPod made before fall 2008. After Bose released the SoundDock series II, the original SoundDock was discontinued in the United States. But as of 2009, a redesigned SoundDock version 2 is currently being sold in the UK along with all the other SoundDock products. The docking station for the SoundDock version 2 is now 'Made for iPhone' certified and now charges via USB. The SoundDock's technologies are an amalgam of Bose's existing proprietary technologies. The SoundDock shares the Active EQ found on the QuietComfort family of headphones, the EM shielding found on Bose's computer speaker family, the compression circuitry and the integrated signal processing on existing Bose speaker systems. The Bose SoundDock is amongst one of the Bose products engineered using Bose Syncom programming. The approximate calculated power of the Bose SoundDock system is 50 to 55watts. However, a max of 77 watts may be achieved because the pf is unknown. These estimates were made based on the VA rating of 64-77 then using an average pf factor of 0.7. SoundDock series II On August 21, 2008 Bose announced the SoundDock Series II system to supersede the original SoundDock effective September 2008. This edition is GSM-shielded for iPhone use, has a 3.5mm stereo jack for other devices (e.g., CD player), and the same sound infrastructure found in the Portable edition addressing sound problems from the original release.. The system was released on September 18 2008. SoundDock Portable On August 29, 2007, Bose announced the creation of the Bose SoundDock Portable, and it was released on September 20, 2007. As with the release of the QuietComfort 3 headphones, Bose made it clear that the portable version would be sold alongside the original for variety purposes. The Portable has a battery life ranging from 3 to 14 hours depending on bass and listening volume. Though slightly taller and slimmer than the original, it has an 'air duct' on the handle and will use Bose's waveguide technology to alleviate three key sound flaws from the original. It also has a remote that can change between different play lists, and a line input. The portable package is $100 more than the original. In 2009 Bose made the SoundDock Portable iPhone compatible. SoundDock 10 At a press event on September 15, 2009 Bose announced the SoundDock 10. Priced at $599 (699 in the UK and 799 in Europe) and available on September 21, the system will be sold along the SoundDock Portable and the SoundDock series II. It measures approx 9' high, 17' wide and 10' deep and weighs about 19lbs. Roughly a third of the weight coming from a low-frequency transducer driven through a newly designed 52-inch bose wave guide. The SoundDock 10 system is 'Made for iPod' and 'Works with iPhone' certified. The system is firmware upgradable (mini USB on the back) and the docking station is interchangeable allowing it to be replaced with new docks. The thought is as new devices become established standards, new docks could be made available. Bose is currently selling a Bluetooth dock using A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) for $149. This allows it to stream music wirelessly from a stereo Bluetooth music phone or laptop with Bluetooth built in. There is also an auxiliary input for other devices in the back and a composite video output so you can watch a video from an iPhone or iPod on a TV while listening to the SoundDock 10. An infrared remote controls the system and the basic functions of an iPod or iPhone, including playlist navigation. Features Table Version Dock Connection AUX In Battery iPhone Certified Video Out Upgradable Dock Dual Voltage SoundDock series I FireWire No No No No No Yes SoundDock series I v2 USB No No Yes No No Yes SoundDock series II USB Yes No Yes No No Yes SoundDock Portable USB Yes Yes No No No Yes SoundDock Portable v2 USB Yes Yes Yes No No Yes SoundDock 10 USB Yes No Yes Yes Yes No Awards 2004 Fortune Magazine's Best Products of 2004 - SoundDock series I 2004 Number 1 Must have Gadget of 2004 - SoundDock series I 2005 Red Dot award for product design - SoundDock series I 2006 MacUser's Audio of the Year award - SoundDock series I 2008 Red Dot Award for product design - SoundDock Portable References ^ John Biggs (2009-07-17). 'Bose SoundLink is like their iPod dock with out the dock part'. Crunchgear. Retrieved 2009-11-08. ^ Matthew Moskovciak (2009-07-17). 'Bose SoundLink Wireless Music System streams music from your PC to a portable speaker for $550'. CNet. 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Retrieved 2009-11-08. vde Bose Corporation Multimedia systems Digital music systems (Computer speakers, SoundDock) Headphones Speaker systems Wave systems Stereo speakers Home entertainment systems Lifestyle systems 321 systems Acoustimass home entertainment systems Related Articles Amar Bose Massachusetts Institute of Technology Loudspeaker Psychoacoustics Home theater in a box Bose Corp. v. Consumers Union of United States, Inc. web site Categories: Bose Corporation ; Audio playersHidden categories: Articles needing cleanup from November 2009 ; All pages needing cleanup ; Wikipedia introduction cleanup from November 2009 ; Pages missing lead section The e-commerce company in China offers quality products such as mud pump pressure system , oil based drilling mud, and more. For more , please visit drilling fluids treatment systems today!
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