Better Development With Help From Kids Toys

by:NUTAKE     2020-06-03
As parents, do you know the toys' function when buying them for kids? In addition to get pleasure from playing, any other function can be found? Children development experts point out that toys are not just for playing, but also beneficial to the children's physical development. In daily life, most parents buy toys without explicit purpose, they always buy the newest one or the expensive one for kids. In fact, when buying toys for kids, parents should have strong pertinence. Newly born babies hardly ever open their eyes, so many parents naturally think that their babies can't see anything. It is a wrong standpoint. According to experts, even the newly born babies have the ability to distinguish colors, especially sensitive to red and yellow. Therefore it is necessary to put some colorful pendants on the bed, which can not only create a warm environment, but also practice their eyesight. What have to pay attention is that these colorful pendants should be changed position in every day in order to avoid strabismus. For slight older babies, parents can use brilliance objects to attract their attention to develop their vision and thinking ability. During the third months, it is the best time to develop babies' hearing function. Parents can choose suitable music to stimulate their hearing function. For example, they can buy some sound items with different tone quality and tonality for them. What have to emphasize is that the volume should not be too loud and the distance between sound items and babies' eyes should be suitable. Otherwise, the louder sound would harm their eardrum, what's more, hearing sound for a long time would lead to hearing fatigued, resulting in resolving ability on sound. They are many toys in the markets divided with different materials such as stuffed animal toys, plastic toys, wooden toys and rubber toys. In many cases, parents just choose one or two kinds of toys for their babies, which is a bad decision. Suggests from experts are that babies should touch with all kinds toys made from different raw materials to develop their tactile sense. In addition, when taking bath for babies, you'd better put some plastic toys with different shapes into bathtub. Babies can touch these small boat or small duck when taking bath, which is also beneficial to develop tactile sense. All in all, at different age phase, with different characters, parents should learn the function of each kind of toys so as to choose the suitable one for babies to develop their ability.
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