Baby's First Christmas Gifts

by:NUTAKE     2020-07-05
It is your favourite babies first Christmas, so whether you are a doting parent a proud Aunt or an excited Gran, the first Christmas gift that you buy for baby is one of the most important.There are many categories to choose from, which are discussed below, to give you some kind of idea of Baby's First Perfect Christmas Gift. Jewellery Buying baby jewellery is buying something that they will always keep. As long as it is tasteful and appropriate. It's probably not the best idea to buy earrings or a ring as these could not be worn by a tot, and may well be the wrong size when the child is old enough. Instead opt for something like a bracelet. A charm bracelet can be added to over the years with charms that correspond with significant dates. A simple plain bracelet is always a lovely keepsake, and a necklace, although not worn by baby when young can be grown into and treasured forever. Clothing Clothing may not keep forever, but if it is something special it can be passed on to siblings. There are some beautiful children's clothes, often wonderfully gift-packed and these make pretty gifts. Ordering clothes online is a great idea as you avoid the Christmas rush, and can think outside of the common box. For example you may want to buy organic baby clothes, or something that is made from a soft but unusual material such as bamboo. Ornaments Buying ornaments for the nursery is a lovely idea and many of these will be kept forever. A beautiful mobile will impress anyone, particularly baby and can be kept for future brothers or sisters. This is also true with a well made clock. If you choose to buy baby a money box, in silver or otherwise, ensure that you put some money inside just for luck. Any other tasteful and appropriate nursery ornaments can be treasured for years to come. Toys Toys can come in several categories. Educational toys are always useful and will be well-used by a growing tot, however it is likely because of how often they will be used they may eventually wear down. Ornamental toys such as a wooden Noah's Ark, Farm or Doll's House are likely to be played with but well looked after and kept for years. Alternatively you could purchase a bear of such special quality that it will be the toy that baby packs in their suitcase as they goof to university 18 years later. Books Books can always be treasured. Choose special one's with either a theme such as 'Baby's First Christmas' or something with longevity such as an encyclopaedia. Other options could be children's classics, old and new such as fair tales, legends or contemporary favourite's such as The Jolly Postman.No matter what you choose remember that baby's first Christmas will be a special one, so, camera at the ready, record the joy of it, to perhaps make into a book for the present when they turn 21.
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