Babies Still Need Presents

by:NUTAKE     2020-07-02
Less and less of us are having babies, or much less than our grandparents did; for those that do have babies though, presents are needed. For us single, no children, career hungry folk; the thought of having children, nay babysitting them, fathoms anxiety. Whilst the world's population increases rapidly, it is not necessarily because of the increase in children being born, but because we are all living a lot longer. The 'Baby Boomers' of post war have been in decline since. Nevertheless, we all have friends, colleagues, contemporaries, sisters and brothers, who have had their little cherubs. Suddenly their life changes; the vodka drinking comes to an end, late nights become a thing of the past, cosy nights in are what they live for. Soon, the baby will be christened, then we celebrate the babies birthday. This leaves most of asking: what do I buy for a baby? I admittedly do not want to walk around the local high street looking for baby girl clothing, baby nursery accessories or Christening gifts. Am I so terrible to admit that I would much rather stay in and watch Saturday Kitchen? The thing is, I'm not lying. Thankfully, in this wonderful world of technology, we can search online. Many companies offer all the baby gifts that you can think of. Good quality wooden toys, baby shower gifts and gift boxes, all just a click away. I must come forth and say that whilst looking through these websites it did ignite an ever so slight maternal feeling. You can picture the little toddler you are buying the toy for playing with it, with a big grinning smile. One thing that stood out over and above everything else for me was the personalised baby gifts which you can buy. Sites like sell personalised gifts sets, which really are so different. Buy the parents a key chain where they can get their little one's fingerprint imprinted on it. Don't worry, it is all safe. This is more expensive then the usual baby gift set or baby memory boxes but much more thoughtful. A favourite amongst parents will be the memory boxes which are offered in abundance. In the digital age there are any number of ways to capture pictures of a little one growing up. Most of us keep thousands of pictures on our hard drive; this is all fine and good but having something to keep those pictures in and displayed on is much more personal. For you practical buyers, the idea of buying clothes which only gets puked over, dribbled down and stained with food, are not worth buying. Instead you go for the items mentioned above and leave the buying of the baby boy clothing to the parents. Still, there are some really cute little numbers which you can't help but feel are worth buying just to see the baby in, rolling around. Indeed, if seeing their babies in funky clothes can make sleepless-overworked-exasperated parents smile just a little then they are worth every penny. I'm sure parents of new borns would welcome this greatly. However, if all else fails and you really aren't inspired by the online baby boutique stores which make most of us want a child for the day, many of them sell gift vouchers. This way you can let the parents choose something for their little star.
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