Are You Blessed With Gifts or Tools?

by:NUTAKE     2020-11-02
People either constantly ask me what their gifts are or they tell me what they think their gifts are - and they can be as diverse as healing, clairvoyance, creativity, languages, people skills, IT - you name it. Whether they are seeking to clarify what their gift is or are telling me what it is they are doing so because they want to know how to make themselves and their gift more productive and focused so that it works, supports and benefits them in their life. Often their perception of their gift gets tied up in what their purpose in life is, but I don't necessarily believe that we all have just one life purpose but that, rather, we have many purposes depending on what stage we are at in our lives and in our own personal developmental journey. But what if I told you that you didn't have or weren't searching for a gift at all, but rather had or were searching for a tool? Defining Gifts vs Tools When my Spirit Guides and I look at gifts we are not looking at whether you are capable of an action such as creativity, writing, healing, psychic ability etc. Your gifts in fact are all that you possess and that you are created on this earth with: your gifts are your level of intelligence, capacity, physical skill, freedom of choice, aptitude and nature. How you choose to take those gifts and push and apply them in different parts of your life actually determines the success of where you go in your life. Guides define a gift as a God-given attribute you come with - it is given or bestowed as an existing entity as listed above. A tool however, can be sharpened, refined, upgraded and added to, to become the backbone of what supports your life - and it's why I want to clarify the two to help you define and use them to move forward. Your tools are the things you are innately skilled with - that make you predisposed to healing, creativity, artistry, musical, numbers, science, language, people-managing, entrepreneurial ideas, sports, etc. But in order to turn these skills into your life tool base - you must combine your skills with your gifts. How? By using your gift of capacity to understand your skills, your gift of intelligence to refine them, your gift of a physical body to achieve them, your gift of freedom of choice to train them, your gift of aptitude to reach your capacity and your gift of your nature to understand that although you have this skill, you need to apply yourself to create a tool box. You have then combined your gifts with your skill to create a tool to construct your life with. Using Your Tools for Your Benefit Many people confuse their gifts with what they want to give with society or the experiences they have had. For example many go into counselling to give back based on their experiences, but fixing people means that you are broken, not necessarily skilled or tooled as a conduit to deliver people the strategies and methods for them to heal themselves. To inject your concept of what your gifts or skills are in order to create an experience for someone will become laborious and capped if you don't fully understand how these gifts and skills need to be delivered as a tool - hence the reason people ask me to clarity their concept of their gifts. But you need to ask yourself how you take a skill, combine it with your gifts and create a platform and resources from which you can practition this to create a professional, honed, tuned and developed tool that remains sharp, polished and trustworthy in your tool box. So, if your gifts are your capacity, intelligence, body, freedom of choice, aptitude and nature and your skill is as a nurturer, healer, IT creative, scientist, sportsperson, environmentalist - how do you combine your gifts and skill to practition a tool that gives people the experience they need from it and supports you to work and benefit from it? Start to see your skills not as gifts but tools - and the resources and actions will flow around them and will draw people to it.
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