Apple Bring a Perfect Musical Innovation

by:NUTAKE     2020-11-03
Walk at the corridor of the memory, iPod has stayed with you for feight years, in 2001 the first paragraph of the iPod changed the way people listen to music, if speaking the SONY WALKMAN, leading the revolution of the 20 th century audio player, so, iPod is 21 st century WALKMAN, it subverts the music carrier and the new interpretation of the WALKMAN two words of understanding. Today's iPod, have already beyond the consumer goods itself, become a kind of cultural phenomenon that rooted in the people, it is the time idols, the darling of the fashion, but also a life attitude reflection. Today, the iPod family members have reached the 17, let's review of the history, common witness apple iPod past and now. In 2003 the third generation iPod market, there is a new improved many aspects, especially the appearance design. Body become more fine thin small, line more beautiful round, rich period flavor, for in a turntable keys to adjust to four different keys, a horizontal arrangement, all buttons are all feeling type handling, use more quick and easy. IPod three generations will also increase the USB 2.0 interface transmission, random equipped with exquisite base, convenient connection to personal computers and audio equipment use, for ipod users, when we want to transfer music from ipod to computer, the only way we have to try it to use some third-party software to finish. In July 2004, apple released the fourth generation of iPod, there is no doubt that the fourth generation iPod is most type. Steve jobs take fourth generation iPod appeared in newsweek cover subtitle 'iPod, MENU, pause, broadcasting button was also designed into of the disc, the fuselage appears more compact, control aspects of course or familiar Click Wheel, a total of 20 G, and 40 G capacity two versions, price for $299 and were $399. In January 2005, apple released iPod Shuffle, mainly focused on the low end of the user group, it is apple first music players based flash technology, and apple has been less attention in the field of flash memory of history and with an iPod Shuffle come to an end. IPod shuffle with 512 M capacity start, once the market, and by the opponent called the fool mp3 in the history, because in addition to music playing and mobile storage function, iPod shuffle has nothing. But this a fool chewing gum, show the iPod brand glamour, keep good sales performance. In September 2006 the second generation Nano released, the second generation iPod Nano is actually with the first generation Nano between Mini products, in appearance Nano appear is more slender than the old one, the thickness and the weight of the body than the first generation of products improved, and the weight 2 g, the thickness of the fuselage and more ultra-thin, reached 6.6 mm, originally for 7 mm. On the other hand, iPod Nano II generation in the screen display effect and the ability to run machines also to have the breakthrough, with the first generation of the same 1.5-inch 176 x 132 resolution color screen, but in bright and increased by 40%, the screen effect is clearer. The second generation Nano has 2 GB and 4 GB and 8 GB three capacity choice, can satisfy the needs of different people. In September 2008, iPod touch of course is an apple product conference is most no suspense product, it's all aspects are launched before has 3 G version for iPhone model, The new iPod touch modelling used similar iPhone 3 G version of the arc back shell design, the more frivolous, back shell more outstanding technology. It seems that in Macbook Air later, apple seems to have a product to do one pace reaches the designated position in thickness of perfection. Finally the iPod touch 2 prices, because itself to belong to high-end products. The iPod to Mac Transfer provides an ideal solution for you to manage, rip, copy, backup iPod, iPad or iPhone on Mac.This article aims to show you how to copy music from iPod to Mac with this iPod to Mac Transfer. Download thte iPod to Mac transfer and install it on to your Mac first. 'Software is a user experience', like the iPod and iTunes proof, consumer electronic products is more and more like a ' some software in box', and simple consumer electronics manufacturers in the software area and no advantage, therefore, cannot in this industry to make true competitive advantage. Visible, in digital music this within the industry, really able to lead, or decided to industry value chain is the important link of the record companies and bridge between the consumers and onsumers, how to get digital music, like the role of iTunes.
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