Amplifiers: Boost your Music Quality!

by:NUTAKE     2020-09-16
Car Amplifiers has always remained the most important part of car audio system to boost the volume in the sound system, earlier it was inbuilt in the factory music systems and now you can find an array of high quality, bigger and detached amplifiers in the market. You can see an array of amplifiers available in the market of various size, power, shape and cost. All these various amplifiers have distinguished according to the different class ratings (A, AB, D, etc.) and the number of channels available (mono, 2-, 4- etc). Class A amps: Produces clear sound but easily get hot while running. Class AB amps: Produces better sound than Class A and dissipates heat Class D amps: Draws les current, produces better sound and dissipates heat well but creates distortion as well. Class T amps: It is combination of all best features of other classes which makes it more efficient and advance than others. If you want to buy a good audio system and a car amplifier for your car sound system then you should: Evaluate the wattage required. If you have a small car then you should not go for the higher wattage it can damage your sound system. Don't get greedy! Check the space in your car. There are various sizes of amplifiers are available in the market. A book sized amplifier may not give you that much high quality sound but it can install any where easily. Whereas huge amplifiers produce better sound but can be as large in size as your brief case, which can create a chaos in your car. So don't buy any amplifier which can't set according to your car. Check the Features: Always check the RMS power, peak power, impedance, total harmonic distortion and best frequency response for the better quality. RMS Power and Peak Power: RMS power will tell you that how much and how long a continuous power an amplifier can produce, higher the RMS rating the cleaner and louder you system will sound. Whereas, the peak power tells the maximum power of your amplifier that to which extent it can handle without getting damaged. Bridged Power: It is a method of combining two outputs to give one single high power output to the speakers. This feature is not available in every amplifier. Impedance: It detects the resistance produced by the amplifier; lower the impedance, the more power will flow in your system. It should always be managed otherwise your system can get damaged. Best Frequency Response: The most comfortably produced sound is called as best frequency response of an amplifier. You can use this measurement for pairing the amplifier and the subwoofer. Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): As we know that amplifier gives a boost to low frequency signals, but due to an interruption of an amplifier, modulation of other original signals get disturbed as well. Total Harmonic Distortion measurement will tell you the total disturbance produced by the amplifiers. Lesser the measure is least distortion will be faced. Heat Dispensing System If you have several speakers in your car, use multi-channel amplifier to dispense the pressure among different components of the music system. Otherwise your system will soon get damaged due to the continuous pressure of loud sound on the walls of the speakers. Rockford Fosgate India is available with Car Amplifiers India including car subwoofers india, car speakers india, dynamat, car bass boxes, bass tube india and many more. For more information on car amplifiers india visit our website now!
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