African Grey Toys Suitable For Your Pets

by:NUTAKE     2020-11-04
African Grey parrots are those with red and black tail having a plane white face, which belongs to Africa and these parrots can be tamed just like other parrots. The species enjoy toys and it is the best method to keep these tiny tots busy, as they are quite curious creatures. They get so involved in their play , that they may even forget to do something that the trainer want to do like landing on the stand etc., while they are on the show. There are several bird toys available in the market of which Africa grey toys include chew on toys, cutout balls, some knots filled toy by which they can untie them, puzzles to keep their claws busy, bell and hanging toys to stimulate their minds and energy. It is quite interesting to see an Africa grey parrot playing with their toy, as they just get dwelt in them. As small parts of toys can easily get through the beak or small portions can go inside, African grey toy can get dismantled easily. So, as an owner, you need to be careful and be cautious, while the bird uses the toy. If your pet bird is behind a bell toy, then make sure to remove the middle string for safety and replace with some steel string. Whenever African grey want their chewing toy, be careful and be with them, as they may damage it or break it off or may even swallow unknowingly, so instead of toy ,you can even try some cardboard, tanned leather, wood piece, paper etc and watch them . African grey wish to have surprise toys like a box when the lever lock is open, will get a gift or so, which can be termed as 'puzzler toys' of African grey toys. These parrot pets are just like small babies, as they will love rattles, noisy and interactive toys, musical toys, balls etc. Some of the African grey toys include rope toys, where knots need to be tied and untied, but be cautious of incidents like getting the beak or leg caught in the knot. The best thing to do is to make an African grey toy yourself with your imagination and give your pet a treat. Using the household things like beads, cardboard pieces, some plastic items like caps of some old bottles, plastic straws, bottle corks, large sized buttons, washer, bolt parts, paper cups, cloth clips and pins and several other items can be arranged and used as a toy for your African grey. They also love hanging bead in a string, blocks in a strand etc. You need to innovate and make new prototype of toys each time for your pet, as they will easily get bored and lose interest in the same toy.
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