A Proper Parrot Cage For Your Pet Parrot

by:NUTAKE     2020-07-07
The wedding was everything you imagined your big day might be. Honeymooning in Cancoon was the best vacation of your life. And now you're settling in to the routine of married life. You're starting a business from home, mostly to give you something to do while you wait on starting a family. But last night your new husband shared with you that he has always dreamed of owning a parrot. You talk about it and decide to go and get one. But you know you need to figure out a couple of things before the two of you head to the pet store tonight. Your big question is; what type of parrot you would like as a pet, and the appropriate parrot cage. Birds may have very small brains, but they are intelligent beings that need stimulation most of their waking hours. You and your husband will want to get your parrot out of the parrot cage several times a day to play with it. However, you can't play with it all the time. It is also proven that having bird toys reduces a bird's tendency to bad habits such as nipping or screeching. Okay, so you're going to get some bird toys, but how many do you really need? If you rotate the toys frequently enough, five or six toys should be fine. You will want to see to it that your parrot does not become bored. Okay, now let's get to the specific bird toys you will want to get. Bird toys do not need to be expensive. In fact, some household goods make perfectly acceptable toys. Birds enjoy saying with cardboard rolls from paper towels or wrapping paper. They also like to play with paper and plastic frayed milk jugs. Birds play with baby toys such as rattles and wooden balls as well. All toys must be toxic free. You will want to make sure you get good bird cages for your pet birds and parrot. You will first want to decide where you are going to put your parrot cage, and get an idea of how big it should be. You will want to put somewhere you and your husband enjoy hanging out, so that the bird will be with you when you are home. Purchase a metal parrot cage, but make sure that all the wires are in tact and are in good shape. Metal cages are by far the easiest to clean. And they are usually the most economical as well. Check to make sure that your parrot can't get its head stuck between the bars. Parrots prefer square cages to round so that they can snuggle up in a corner to sleep. You will want to place several different perches in the cage to give your bird multiple views and exercise. Parrots tend to live a long time, so you will want to make your cage is esthetically pleasing to you. Having a parrot can be a very rewarding experience. It does require some careful planning and preparation on your part. But most bird owners agree that it is well worth the effort. So go on and buy your parrot and a parrot cage today.
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