A Look at Some of The Best Building Toys For Boys

by:NUTAKE     2020-06-08
Building toys are a wonderful thing because they encourage kids to use their imagination and creativity when playing. While Legos and Lincoln Logs have long been the go to building toy for boys and parents, there are a lot of other wonderful building toys flooding the toy market these days that you might not have heard of. Here's a look at some of the best building toys for boys: Zoobs - Zoobs dub themselves as 'The Moving, Mind Building Modeling System'. With a variety of pieces, kids can snap these building toys together to create a variety of things. Project books come with each kit and show them how to create everything from bicycles to dinosaurs using their Zoobs. Car themed Zoob kits come with wheels and show them how to make a variety of cars including dragsters, rovers, and buggys. Wedgits - Billed as the building toy that adds geometry and symmetry to play time, these building toys come in progressive sizes can be stacked, nested, and put together in ways that will amaze you and your kids. The winner of numerous toy awards, Wedgits are available in a variety of kits. There are also Wee Wedgits for kids under 3 and Mini Wedgits for those that don't want the full size Wedgits. Gears Gears Gears sets by Learning Resources - This gear set features plastic gears, connectors and interlocking bases that let kids create a variety of things from creatures to towers. There are also specific themed sets such as a monkey set and an under the sea set with dolphins. Citiblocs - Citiblocs are long wooden planks that stack to create a variety of things. Made from pine, this building toy is so simple yet so fun for kids. They can stack them creativity to make buildings, trains, cars, critters, orbs, ships, and more. Sets start at 52 pieces and go up to 1000. You will probably want at least a 200 or 300 piece set to get started. It will allow your child enough creative opportunities. They are also available in a variety of colors or a natural unpainted wood. So as you can see, beyond Lego and Lincoln Logs there are a lot of great building toys for boys out there. If your little architect likes to sit for hours and create things, you might want to look into some of these other fun options for him!
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