6 Creatively Designed Music Production Logo Designs

by:NUTAKE     2020-09-19
Music is one of the biggest industries in the world with the music production companies being the tycoons of the trade. But because of the massive opportunities this business is also quite cut throat due to which makes the music production companies must make sure that they use proper branding strategies to promote their corporation. Below mentioned are a few music production logos that have successfully created a positive image for their corporation. 1.The Music Bakery: This corporation's trademark is fashionable and chic. It consists of the company name in simple and straight in black color with a white background. The only factor that adds creativity and imagination in this emblem and relates it to the business name is the letter 'S' that is crafted creatively to resemble aroma. The fact that it is crafted in red color makes it even more alluring and attractive. 2.Rotana: Their company image is a 3 dimensional image that looks futuristic and cool. The company name is type faced in silver colored robotic looking fonts with a bright green and silver ball accompanying the business name. The white background of the monogram makes it clean and compact. It is the bright green color of the ball that makes the entire monogram attractive and appealing. 3.Joyous Shout: An artistically designed emblem; this trademark is created with a creatively crafted symbol before the company name that doubles as the letter 'J' and 'S'. The symbol has been scripted in two colors which help us make the distinction between the two letters. The business name here is scripted to be straight and simple which depicts professionalism and formality. 4.Firstcom music: Here, you see half a silhouette of a man wearing headphones with the company name besides it. The business name is scripted in softly curved white colored fonts that make it stand out from the black background and makes it eye catching. Overall, the image is simple and yet imaginative. 5.Sons of sound: This graphic image has been created using sound waves and a creatively designed letter 'S'. Here, you can see an image of gray colored sound waves on a white background with a big symbol of S in the middle which is created with gray and black colors. The corporation's name is written in plain and straight fonts in front of the image. 6.Perfect Mixes: It is a company that provides recording, publishing and production facilities and their brand mark reflects the same. Here, the production logo is a created in a box with the company name scripted on top and bottom of the square and a close up image of strings of music. The design has been done entirely in black and white colors which makes the image sophisticated and contemporary. So if you are trying to create your own brand mark for your production company, make sure that you learn how the music tycoons have created theirs.
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