4 John Deere Kids Toys for Your Pre-Schooler

by:NUTAKE     2020-06-09
For those of you who are in the market for pre-school age appropriate toys, you may want to look into John Deere kids toys. Made by Ertl Preschool in conjunction with John Deere, these toys provide hours of fun for your kids. They're both educational and developmental, meaning they're made with your child's progression in mind. The following details 5 John Deere kids toys you may want to consider for your pre-schooler. 1. John Deere Big Farm Tractor-At 1/16 the size of a real John Deere tractor, this toy has all the detail of the real thing. It's made of plastic to ensure that your child doesn't get hurt playing with it and it will hold up to all weather conditions. So there are no worries if your pre-schooler leaves it out in the sandbox. Not only is it made with detail in mind, but it also has lots of cool features your kid will love. For example, the front wheels are both steerable and removable. And the included AAA batteries produce lights and sounds similar to a real tractor. 2. John Deere Farm Toy Box Playmat-When you have young children, it's difficult to avoid the messes they make. All the toys lying around your house can be enough to make the most patient parent pull their hair out. When you choose this John Deere toy, you're doing yourself a favor. It's a soft toy carry case that folds out as a play mat. It's perfect for playing with John Deere kids toys on, and even comes with some farm toys. And the best part is-when your kid is finish playing with them, you can fold it back up into the carrying case and store the toys in it. No mess, no fuss. Keep in mind, the toys in this toy box are small, so they aren't suitable for children under 3. 3. John Deere Bulldozer Puzzle-Want a toy that will help with your child's critical thinking development? Then how about a giant floor puzzle? At 2 feet by 3 feet and with 34 pieces, your child's wheels will be turning as he enjoys figuring out how to make his masterpiece. Along the way, you can either help him out and discuss the uses of bulldozers, or let him sit and do it himself while you tend to other matters. 4. John Deere Wooden Toy Box-As noted above, keeping your child's toys organized present quite the challenge. The John Deere Wooden Toy Box offers a more permanent solution to the problem. Attractively designed, it's sure to look good anywhere in your home. And not only does it provide convenient storage, but it doubles as a sturdy bench. And don't worry about your children smashing their fingers under the wooden lid-there are safety hinges that will keep their fingers safe from harm. The above is but a small sample of the John Deere Toys available for your pre-school age children. Your best bet is to find a reputable online supplier and browse through their offerings today.
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